Scar Tissue in Chest Wall After Breast Reconstruction?

Is it possible to have a painful chest wall scar tissue after Breast reconstruction with implants? I am 2 years post-op and continue to have pain after the implants were placed. The chest felt really tight during and after tissue expansion. After the numbness disapperaed I have pain it seems to be under the implants. The skin seems okay.

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Chest pain

After breast reconstruction it is very possible to have pain and it may represent a tight capsule around the implant or even other things. It is best to get examined.

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Correction of scar tissue on the chest after breast reconstruction

There are options for treatment if you are free of any cancer.  The pain and tenderness in this area may be due to radiation therapy or the mastectomy tissue resection.  Some patients have benefited from fat transfer to the area. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Scar tissue in chest after Breast Reconstruction

The scar and tighteness you are experiencing may be due to a capsular contracture. Capsular contractures tend to occur in greater frequency in breast reconstruction. Did you have radiation?

I recomend that you speak with your surgeon. You may need to have a capsule removal and implant replacment. Sometimes additional healthy tissue needs to brough in like your back muscle.

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Scar tissue very common after Breast Augmentation


Breast reconstruction patients particularly those reconstructed with implants have very high contracture (scar formation) rates. You should see your surgeon to see if something should be done about this. As long as you were not treated with irradiation and don't smoke, the treatment tends to be pretty successful. Either way if there is pain I would recommend an evaluation at least.

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