Implant Fall After Breast Reconstruction

My sister had implants after her reconstruction and one failed to stay up and dropped. I was wondering, what made the breast fall after expanders and implants?

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Implant falling

Sometimes the implant falls because the fold has stretched or separated during the reconstrucion. This can be adjusted with a revision.

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Implant Bottoming Out In Breast Reconstruction

What you are describing is a bottoming out of an implant.  This likely occured because of an absence of support to the implant.  This absence could be due to many reasons which include but are not limited to: poor mastectomy skin quality and violation of the inframammary fold during the mastectomy, and the technique used to place the tissue expander implant.   But don't worry, this problem can definitively be corrected/improved.  I have found that utilizing Alloderm or Strattice as an internal "bra" helps to definitively correct this problem.  Please visit with an American Society of Plastic Surgeons member surgeon to learn more about your options. 

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Implant drop after breast reconstruction

This is an interesting question. When I do breast reconstruction with expanders followed by implants I use an acellular dermal matrix to cover the inferior third of the expander. This adds another layer of tissue between the expander and the skin. In addition I am able to absolutely define the breast pocket. When the expander is replaced with the permanent implant there are no changes made to the pocket.

In breast reconstruction if the implant ends up "bottoming out" it is usually because the surgeon tried to lower the inframammary fold. This disrupts the "defined" inframammary boarder and this tissues that would hold the implant in place.

Christopher L. Hess, MD
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Implant displacement

Immediate implant displacement is technique related.

Othe possibility is that the inframammary line was disrupted by the sugeon.

Repairing this need a good technical know how. You may need to use Alloderm to support the repair.

Samir Shureih, MD
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