Need a Breast reconstruction/Correction Surgeon any recommendations please and rough costs? (photos)

Had a mastectomy & reconstruction went wrong so had 3 further surgeries. They Look awful from the front, the mastectomy side has an indent where I had necrosis & the other breast had an implant over the muscle and hangs off it. Can anyone recommend a surgeon that can make them look more normal. I presume I will need an uplift on the normal one but I don't mind starting from scratch on both. Any surgeons that can help and what do you think the cost would be? Either Canada or the US Thanks Angela

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Reconstruction revision

I would really need more information on the surgeries you have already had to let you know if something could be done to improve the look of your reconstruction. Sometimes fat can be added to an area that is indented to improve the appearance. It appears you may need a lift on the left breast so it doesn't look like your breast is "falling off" the implant.
In the US, usually your insurance would cover any reconstruction surgery. The information would need to be sent to your insurance company for pre authorization. If you are from Canada, I am not sure how that would work with your insurance. 

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Breast reconstruction/Correction

Based on your photographs it appears that you would benefit from bilateral replacement with smaller implants .Adjustable implants will help achieve symmetry.

A breast lift on the left side would also be necessary.

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Need a breast reconstruction/correction surgeon - any recommendations please, and rough costs? (photos)

Hello! Thank you for your question.  Did you have radiation?  I do agree that your left breast would need at least a breast lift and some revisions to your right reconstructed breast. Without an examination, it is difficult to tell you recommendations for your reconstructed breast - it could be that simple revisionary techniques along with placement of a dermal mesh or matrix of some sort would achieve a pleasing result. However, if the deformities are too great with an implant-based breast reconstruction, consideration for aborting your current reconstruction and placing a vascularized flap may be the better option. Flap reconstruction is a great option following multiple attempts at revision. I like flaps, such as the DIEP flap. Other flaps are the conventional TRAM, latissimus flap, SGAP/IGAP, and, TUG.

After radiation, you have an increased rate of complications including wound problems, infections, thinning of the tissue, and decreased vascularity to the skin/tissue of the area. The best method to reconstruct a breast following radiation therapy is with a flap. The flap, which is skin, fat, and sometimes muscle, will serve to bring in healthy, well-vascularized tissue to the chest/breast area that will significantly ameliorate the radiation issues compounding the problem.  Microsurgical perforator flaps (such as the DIEP flap and SGAP/IGAP flap) are the newest and most-innovative procedures in breast reconstruction today. As these are muscle-sparing flaps, the pain, morbidity, and complications such as those above, of these procedures are much less. They are highly-complex procedures that few plastic surgeons performed and consult with one who is well-versed, trained, and skilled in these procedures if you are interested.

You are a candidate for other procedures, if you are willing to continue with your journey for a reconstructed breast.  The decision to continue with this will be your decision and what you are willing to go through. There are risks and benefits with everything that we do in Surgery - discuss the various options with a board certified plastic surgeon who will educate you on all of the options and help you to decided if breast reconstruction or which procedure will be best for you.  Consult with a plastic surgeon adept at breast reconstruction and discuss ALL of the options available.  Costs will vary amongst surgeon and geographic location - often times, given your history, it should be covered by insurance.  Hope that this helps and best wishes!

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Breast reconstruction

I am sorry you are having these issues.  The costs of these procedures are handled through insurance and will vary accordingly.  More importantly the provider you choose  to help solve these issues is extremely important.  Please consider finding a surgeon who performs oncologic reconstruction on a routine basis.  There are many reconstructive breast surgeons who perform implant based reconstruction and all forms of microvascular reconstruction including the DIEP flap.  Please find someone  in your area for a consult.  If you would like us to help you please give us a call.

Breast reconstruction

There are much information needed and in person examination and review of medical records to formulate a plan of correction.
It seems the reconstructed breast is too wide, Possibly too wide of an implant, and too high, and maybe too big. Had fat necrosis with indent, that can be corrected, many options available depending on the physical examination and plan of future surgery. The normal breast needed a lift with or without the implant depending on your desired size and shape.
Would start with the mastectomy side, correct to achieve the desired result. Implant change and adjust the envelope accordingly. Then match the opposite side to the reconstructed side.

Samir Shureih, MD
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