Is It Possible to Have Breast Reconstruction at 17?

I have tuberous breast, and would like them to be fixed, but I am only 17. Would a doctor perform reconstruction on my tuberous breast with or without implants?

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Breast reconstruction at 17

Correction of a tuberous breast deformity can be done at age 17, which is at or very near the age of physical maturity for women.  This is a complex deformity which can usually be improved substantially with breast implants/ lifts/ grafting, depending on the specific circumstances. However, perfection is not possible and it is likely you would be left with some asymmetry and/ or need revision surgery at some later time in your life.  You would need parental consent to have the surgery before the age of 18.

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Breast surgery at age 17

It is possible to have your breast deformity corrected at age 17.  You will need to have parental consent since you are still technically a minor (unless you have children).  There are several ways to correct for tuberous breast deformity which can include implants, lift and/or fat grafting.

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Correcting tuberous breast deformity

If your breasts are done growing and changing, it is definitely reasonable to correct the tuberous breast deformity at age 17. You will need parental consent since you are less than 18 years old, and both you and your parents should have a thorough discussion with a plastic surgeon regarding your options and the lifetime implications of your choices. Typically tuberous breast deformity is corrected with internally releasing the constriction of the breast (radial scoring to allow for expansion of a typically deficient lower pole), along with implants to add volume and help improve the shape. Implants are not necessarily required. It really depends on how much volume you have, what can be accomplished with that volume, and what your goals are. If you do get implants, this will not be your only breast surgery given your age and the fact that implants are not a lifetime device. I recommend seeking out a board certified plastic surgeon with experience treating tuberous breast deformity, and getting a consultation in person. He or she can then go over what your options are, and together with you and your parents can help you make a decision and discuss future considerations to note given your young age. Good luck!

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Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can be performed at age 17. I would recommend a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your Area. If you dont know how to find a qualified plastic surgeon, go to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) website. Good luck.

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Breast reconstruction

It is possible to perform a reconstruction at age 17. In comparison I do not perform cosmetic augmentations until the age of 18. One issue would be that silicone gel implants are only approved for use in patients 22 and older and that would limit your options.

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Breast reconstruction for tuberous breasts.

Cetainly you can have your tuberous breast deformity corrected as long as you are of adult age and size. 

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Breast surgery at a young age.

While there are loose guidelines regarding appropriate age for cosmetic surgery, age alone should not be a deterrent.

I recommend that you seek a consultation.  A lot of planning has to be done.  The details of your youthfulness and maturity along with the condition to be treated will be factored into the decision regarding the best timing for surgery.

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Breast reconstruction in 17 year old

Reconstruction of tuberous breasts can be done as you near physical maturity.  If you started your menses at a young age and breasts are not changing much it is reasonable to proceed.  If you were late in beginning puberty and you are still maturing, then it is best to wait until you are closer to maturity.  If the deformity is asymmetric, then placement of an expander/implant will allow you to increase the implant size as you mature.  This would also prompt an earlier reconstruction.  Seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and ask to view other patient photos.  Make sure your parents are involved in the decision making. 

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Age to consider correction of tuberous deformity?

Dear twizzle,

Treatment of your deformity can be addressed at 17 yo with parental consent.  It is a good idea to visit several plastic surgeons for their opinions,  level of comfort and experience with treatment of  your condition.  Best bet is to find an experienced plastic surgeon who can show you pre and post op photos of some of his patients.

Good luck 

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
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Is It Possible to Have Breast Reconstruction at 17?

If you have the approval of your parents, there is no reason to wait!  It will help you build self esteem, go for it!

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