How Are Breast Reconstructed with Scald Burns ? (photo)

When I was about a year old my right I suffered a scald burn on my right side of my breast and underarm leaving a thick scar. I am 23 now and was wondering what kind of doctor I should look for and what procedure is most likely done to improve the scarring. I also wonder if breast augmentation is possible for a case like mine and roughly how much would it cost.

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Breast augmentation and burn scars

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Fat grafting with or without external expansion my be a good option for you if you want to be bigger.

You can also consider scar revision and possible skin grafting for the scars.  The problem is that you will be trading the scars you have for new scars and there is no guarantee that those scars will be any better than the ones you have.

You may also want to get at least 2-3 consultations so that you can get different opinions.

Best of Luck!

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Breast augmentation after scar burns to the axilla and upper breast

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From the pictures it seems that you burn scars are mostly located in the right axilla. I am not sure if your range of motion is limited and if you have any injury to the joint of the shoulder. If all is for cosmetic reasons scars can be treated in many ways. It appears that in your case a flap with you own tissue or a substance like integra (Dermal substitute and latter skin grafting may be needed. Regarding your breast, if the breast mound is mobile and fully matured after puberty and the scar has no restriction of expanding the breast tissue then you should have no problem augmenting your breast. If the breast is restricted you may need release of the scar and some tissue expansion first (that does not seem to be the case from your pictures but a physical exam would be needed first)! Other modalities that may be as auxiliary procedures may be fat injections to the scared area. It is still controversial for full breast augmentation but the latest information is encouraging regarding detection of breast cancer!

Good luck

There are very few options for scar

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You have scar contracture over the axilla and mild scaring over the breast tissue. Fat grafting gives great results for patient with radiation burn after breast cancer. I have used fat grafting for patient with your issues with great result.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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