Breast Re-lift 6 Months After Surgery?

I had a Breast augmentation and Breast lift 6 months ago. I need revision surgery on my aereolas, but my PS suggested that he might do a re-lift. Is there a possibility he may not have done something correctly?

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Breast re-lift 6 months after surgery?

Hello! Thank you for your question! The mastopexy (breast lift) procedure raises the breast, which ultimately provides a more youthful and perky breasts. This is done by removing the extra loose skin and rearranging the surrounding breast tissue in order to reshape and support the newly formed breast. At the same time, the nipple-areolar complex (NAC) is raised to the ideal position above the fold beneath your breast (the inframammary fold) as well as being placed at the most projecting portion. Oftentimes with age or following pregnancy, the NAC becomes widened and enlarged. This may be reduced in size during the breast lift procedure.

It is common for the breast to lose its firmness and uplifted appearance over time, which is also accentuated with age, pregnancy/breast feeding, weight gain/loss, and gravity. This results in breast ptosis, or sagging of the breast, with a “deflated” appearance. Women seek the mastopexy procedure to regain the previous youthful appearance of her breasts and women report increased confidence, self-esteem, and femininity once achieving this desired shape and fullness. Breast lifts may or may not be performed with implants – the implant would add increased size but also greater fullness in the upper pole of the breasts which creates more cleavage.

I would discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Increased size of the implants as well as laxity of the native skin do cause increased stretching inferiorly, and this is not an uncommon phenomenon. Revisions certainly may be considered - allow your surgeon to examine and evaluate you and then go over which procedure(s), if any, will be the right one for you. Best wishes for a terrific result!

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Breast Augmentation/Lifting Results?

Thank you for the question.

Breast augmentation and breast lifting done together is a complex operation; it involves increasing breast size while at the same time,  reducing the breast skin envelope ( to achieve the breast lift). Because of this complexity  it is not unusual for patients to “require” revisionary surgery to improve results.

The fact that  your plastic surgeon is recommending this revision does not necessarily mean that “he may have done something correctly”.

However, it would behoove you to make sure that he is a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon before undergoing any further surgery.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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When to lift your breasts after a breast lift surgery


You should expect to have lasting results from your breast lift if after six months your breast have begun to sag, you should request an evaluation or a second consult. When receiving breast with surgery be sure that you always use a board-certified plastic surgeon and specifically a surgeon with a great deal of experience and breast lift techniques.  In our practice, we employ several different surgical techniques to ensure a long-lasting result. It is important to use techniques that help re-create the breast mound and ensure that the support of the mound is internal. If the shape or support of the breast is only done by the skin, you can readily expect that the skin will stretch out again and you will sag once again.

Pat Pazmino, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation and breast lift

A combined breast augmentation and breast lift although a common procedure has many variables. This can lead to a fairly high revision rate. A touch-up is not uncommon. Remember plastic surgeons are perfectionists, if your doctor wants to revise it while "touching-up" your areola then consider it.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Revision not unusual after breast augmentation and mastopexy

It is not unusual to need a revision after breast augmentation and mastopexy. The combination is a complex surgical procedure.

Your nipple areola may be too wide, or need repositioning. To correct for that a complete redo of the lift might give you the BEST longer lasting result. Your PS is being caring and honest.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Your surgeon most likely is not the reason for re-sagging of breasts

Surgical results are never permanent and not all sagging is the same. While mild sagging with some deflation in upper breast fullness may be disappointing, having the nipples point to the floor is much more upsetting.

Breasts NATURALLY sag (and re-sag) for multiple reasons including, skin quality, ability to wear a bra after the surgery for support, weight/size of implant, breast lift technique used, among others.

Odds are your surgeon was NOT the reason for the re-sagging. But - before signing on to have the Re-lifting, I would ask him/her
- why he/she thinks the sag took place and
- what he/she plans on doing the second time around to prevent a recurrence of this situation

Good Luck.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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If your breasts look saggy, you need another breast lift.


1) Most of the time, a breast lift is done by tightening the skin. In New York City, we don't agree with this approach, because skin stretches and the results don't last.

2) If your surgeon used a skin tightening approach, he certainly did not do anything "incorrectly" since this is what most surgeons do.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Breast relift

It is not clear What type of lift you had. Was it a periareolar lift? A vertical (lolly pop) lift? or a inverted T shape lift? These procedures are different in predictability of results. The periareolar lift is usually done for minor cases of droopiness. When used in combination with an implant especially if the droop was more severe preoperatively, the situation can become more unstable and there more chance that a revision could be necessary.

Farhad Rafizadeh, MD
Morristown Plastic Surgeon
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Not necessarily

Although we strive to get the result you and we are striving for, on occasion we have to perform revision surgery. 6 months may be a little early to revise your lift but this is the earliest I would do it.

Dr Edwards

Michael C. Edwards, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Breastlift Re-lift at 6 months

The need for additional touch-up or re-dos is dependent on many variables. These include a patient's skin tone, a patient's skin type, the volume of breast tissue, the use of breast implants, and the surgical technique. As with all surgeries, gravity will continue to effect the results of the surgery. Sometimes the results may look fantastic one month after surgery. However, when all the swelling subsides and gravity takes effect, the results can change. At six months out, the breast lift should maintain its result. However, if you have poor skin tone, the skin can definitely stretch. Also if you are prone to scarring, the scars may be the most noticeable at 6 months out.

T.Y. Steven Ip, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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