I'm Having Breast Implant Problems; The Right Side Has Some Rippling and the Left Seems Stuck and Isn't Dropped? (photo)

Went from 260-400 undermuscle. The skin on the right inside is broken and there is no one in Europe that does strattice or alloderm. In the left, the silicone seems stuck, no folder, pockets were done a little bigger, but it seems they should be bigger and the silicone should be lower? Is it a result of several surgeries? My Areas also look stretched.

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Asymmetry after repeat augmentations

Your issues with asymmetry are not unusual and one should not expect mirror image breasts.  Having said this, it seems the left inframammary fold was released more than the right and has resulted in a fold asymmetry.  This can be fixed by suturing the fold in a higher position. 

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