Breast Implant Removal Options? If I Lose Volume, Can BRAVA Be an Option for Me?

I am 23 and am planning in undergoing breast implant removal of my 300cc silicone gel unders at my 6 wk mark . I was a small B before with an adaquet amount of tissue. My PS is confident I will return to my pre operative state. However, if for some reason I lose volume can BRAVA be an option for me? I've read it does work, but results are not as significant as breast augmentation. I'm on a mission to get my natural breasts back.

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Natural breasts after augmentation

Hello and thank you for your question!  As mentioned before, your breasts should return back to their original appearance based on the short duration that the implants have been in.  If you would like a little extra added volume, the BRAVA device may actually be something worth considering following your recovery from the removal surgery.  In my experience, patients do permanently gain anywhere from 1/2 a cup size to a cup size and a half increase with the use of this device (pending no significant overall weight loss).  The key to it being that if it takes you 8 weeks to achieve the results that you are looking for by using the BRAVA as indicated, you should be able to maintain those results by extending your use for an additional 8 weeks worth of wear.  I hope this helps and answers your question.  Best of luck to you!

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Breast Implant Removal Options?

At age 23, with modest size implants that have not been in long, chances are you will only need to have the implants removed to get your natural breasts back. 

In 3-6 months if there are issues, that is the time to consider options. Most who used BRAVA have gotten temporary results,unless accompanied by fat grafting. 

All the best. 

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Breast Implant Removal Options? If I Lose Volume, Can BRAVA Be an Option for Me?

You will find that online consultants will not be of much help to without the benefit of in-person examination; this examination, in your case, will be best done 6 months after the breast implants have been removed. Given your age, the size of the breast implants, and the short duration that the breast implants have been in place, your plastic surgeon is very likely correct in that your breasts will look similar to what they did preoperatively. Hopefully, you will be pleased with the outcome of the procedure and no additional procedure, time, expense etc. will be necessary.

 Best wishes.

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