Not Sure if Breast is Normal After Undergoing 2 Surgeries? (photo)

A month and two weeks ago I had undergone my first surgery. My left breast was an A cup and my right breast was a C cup with premature sagging

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Not Sure if Breast is Normal After Undergoing 2 Surgeries?

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Would like to advise but the photos are no showing enough and in a full frontal. Please repost recent full frontal views. 

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It looks like you had a lot of asymmetry of your breasts. The overall shape is nice of the one breast you shouw, but it looks like you are developing some loss of the areola and was there a hematoma?  I can't be completely sure from the photos. I think that it is important to follow very closely with your surgeon.  Good luck.

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your before pic show a lot of asymmetry. the after pics show a very nicely corrected lift. however, the bruising is more than typical. there is some slough or loss of the skin of the nipple. this isn't normal. it is a known complication and no surgery is ever perfect. 

there seems to be a small degree of superior nipple loss on the right. 

you need to follow up with your PS; some wound care is needed and possible revision. 

A couple simple recommendatsion: 

1. if you smoke, STOP. that is the worst thing you can do after surgery. 

2. do not take aspirin or motrin: this will increase bleeding. 

3. do not do any exercise or heavy lifting. that too can cause bruising. 

4. eat healthy, rest, take a multivitamin

5. You may want to try arnica. anecdotally, it does seem to help with bruising. 


hope that helps. 


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