Breast MRI shows bilateral hematomas of 193 cc and 58 cc , 11 days after Breast Augmentation with lift. What can I do?

My post op surgeon saw the MRI report and wants to wait. He believes that hematomas will resolve on their own. I have Mentor Siltex round HP 300 cc implants placed above the muscle. The surgeon who did the surgery specifically choose them to avoid possible capsular contraction. I have heard of RICE (rest-ice-compression-elevation), but what else I can do to help 193cc and 58cc hematomas resolve on their own? Can diuretics help? Walking? What food, vitamins, medicine to use or avoid? Thank you!

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Known hematomas

Why do you have a surgeon and another doctor taking care of you post-op?  Observation is certainly one option but you should be fully informed of your choices so you can make the best decision for yourself.  Get the pros and cons from observation versus returning to the OR to evacuate your hematomas and then you choose what is best for you as each has their downsides.

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Breast hematomas and MRi

You shoudl review this with your surgeon and see what he thinks. He has the best udnerstanding of your condition. Good luck.

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