I Got a Breast with Mentor 2000 from 325cc Final 390cc in Both. One Seems Bigger, Can They Refill It?

I got breast done on 11/22/10.left side didn't drop.I got second surgery to fix it.He said he need to make more pocket.now left side is bigger that the right.they offer me another surgery to refill the right side.390cc is the maximum fill on it.My left side nipple is non, and i feel pain from inside my breast. I went for second opinion.They say a nerve got cut.what should I do?

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I Got a Breast with Mentor 2000 from 325cc Final 390cc in Both. One Seems Bigger, Can They Refill It?

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Reoperations have increased risks so I see the right needs a fill but it would be over the max limit. So I recommend a new implant with one size up. Ofcourse you will have to pay for it. Best 

Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

The asymmetry of the breasts that you are referring to is obvious in the pictures. I think you will benefit from revisionary surgery. Whether your current implant is filled further or a new implant is used depends on your exact circumstances and surgeon's preference.  Some surgeons feel that adding additional volume to a  breast  implant may compromise the integrity of the breast implant valve and therefore are reluctant to add additional volume.

In some cases, adding additional volume to a breast implant may increase the firmness of that implant to the point where there is a difference in the feel of the 2 breasts. In those cases use of a larger breast implant may be indicated.

Assuming you are working with a well experienced board certified plastic surgeon, I would suggest continued follow-up and communication of your goals.

I hope this helps.

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