Can Breast Liposuction Cause Trauma to Breast Leading to Breast Pain Before Periods?

Hello, I am 30 and 5 months ago, I had liposuction of the left breast only. Since a few months, I noticed that one week before having my periods, I have soreness of the left breast only. The entire breast is not sored but the area close to the sternum becomes sored. The pain is mild and is painful only when I touch the area. No pain in the right breast. So, I guess that it's due to trauma caused by the surgery. Do I need to see a gynaecologist? Will this improve with time?

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Pain after liposuction

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Pain after liposuction is normal, even for several months.  The pain usually continues to improve over time.  The pain may be related to hormone levels around the time of your period as well.  I suggest allowing more time to pass and I anticipate that it should resolve on its own.

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