Breast Lift? (photo)

I had breast implants done in Aug. I went from 32A/B to a 32 DD. Love them. But I was borderline for a lift before I had the surgery. Now I feel that I need a lift. My question is - can a lift bring my breasts higher & closer together? and 2nd - can my nipples be positioned differently and made smaller? My right breast was a bit lower than my left to begin with and I'd like to even that out as well.

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Breast augmentation results

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Your breasts look nice.  Reducing the areola is possible but it would require additional scarring on your chest.

Great result already

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You have a very nice and natural looking breast reduction.  I would recommend against additional surgery at this time.  You have a great result and you could destroy a great result in pursuit of a perfect result.
Also, you do not need a lift, your breasts are not sagging (nipple is above the breast fold).  To lift your breast would mean additional scars you do not need and would place your implants in a permanent push up bra position which you won't be happy with after a while.
For your areolae, a reduction is possible but once again you're trading smaller areola for scar which in my opinion you do not need.  
Ultimately it is your decision whether or not you want additional surgery but I would recommend against any.

Breast lift after augmentation?

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Thank you for the photos.  I think that you got a very nice result from the augmentation.  While you could reduce the areola size, I think they are very acceptable now.  Further, I would not be enthusiastic about taking you back to the O.R. to get them higher/closer. This is what bras are for.  Your nipple is already higher than the IMF.  You do not want the nipple too high, as it looks funny and sometimes will peek out of bras.  I think you should pass on the lift, at least for the foreseeable future.

Breast Lift to Even Out and Reduce Areolae

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    Areolar lift and reduction can be performed if you would like, but the breasts will not be moved closer together with this procedure.

No Breast Lift/ Good Augmentation

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I believe that your augmentation is very good.  You do not need a lift.  Reduction of your areola reduces the amount of skin available to close over your existing implant therefore you would need to downsize the implant,

Dr. ES

Breast lift after augmentation?

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Thank you for your pictures and your question.  Based on the pictures you have submitted, I do not think you are a good candidate for a lift.  You appear to have very good results with your augmentation (and you seem to be very happy with them).  I would not rush into any other surgery as you may be disappointed with your results.  A lift will not bring your implants higher and closer together.  

The Enemy of Good is Better

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Your result is very attractive. From the pics, your nipple areolar complex are centered on the implants, and on the side view they are above the breast folds. Therefore, you do not need a lift. A breast lift would result in more scars with minimal improvement. In regards to your breast being wide apart, I think most people have the notion that breasts should be very close together. This is not true. There should be a normal gap distance between the two breasts. Making the two breasts any closer will result in uniboob or symmastia. 

Mytien Goldberg, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

More Surgery after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

 Although it is not possible to give you precise advice online, some general thoughts may be helpful to you. Given that you “love” the results of the breast procedure, I would suggest that you avoid any further surgery unless the degree of breast asymmetry and/or the size of the areola are of “major” concern. In other words, be careful about trying to achieve “absolute perfection”;  sometimes it is better to accept the nice results that you have achieved while avoiding the potential for complications…

 Best wishes.

Do I need a breast lift

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There are two issues.  First do you need a breast lift and I feel the answer is no.  In your side view, the nipple appears centered on the implant.  The second issue is the size of your nipples.  They can be reduced in the form of a concentric excision which is called a concentric mastopexy but, you would be doing it not for the lift which is minimal but to make the nipples smaller.  The major issue with this procedure is that the nipples have a tendency to stretch post operatively.  So, the question is how much does it bother you and are you willing to take that risk?

Roger J. Friedman, MD
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Don't submit to a breast lift unless you really need it.

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The photograph demonstrates a very good result from a breast augmentation. Any improvement with reshaping of the breasts would be modest and not worthy of disclosure required for the operation. Leave well enough alone.

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