What Can I Do About a Breast Lift That Im Very Unhappy About and Also Want to Remove Implants?

First BA and lift 2009 very unhappy and had revision 5 months ago ands I'm severely depressed I am crying everyday and find no pleasure in anything! I can't even enjoy my son cause I feel like I did this to myself and should have been happy and never had plastic surgery in the first place. The 2nd Dr did pocket revision areola reduction scar revision and bigger implants....I'm going out I'd my mind and now wane to have the implants removed but am so worried. Please help!!!

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Unhappy with breast lift/augmentation results

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When patients come to see us, they have in mind what they want to achieve with surgery.  When we examine them, we determine what we think we can accomplish through surgery.  Hopefully, their goals and our assessments are very close and the patient is happy afterwards.  That is not always the case, however.  So what happens when the patient is unhappy with the results?  Your first option is to return to your plastic surgeon and express what you don't like and would like to change.  Plastic surgeons depend on referrals from happy patients so it is in his/her best interest to try and make you happy so that you will send him more patients.  With that in mind, he will probably give you the best price for any kind of revision.  If you go to another plastic surgeon then they will obviously have to treat you as a new patient (since you are new to their practice) and may not give you as low a price as your initial surgeon.  Still, if your initial surgeon is not responding to your concerns then it might be a good idea to seek out another consultation and possibly pay a little more to get the problem corrected.  Life is too short to be unhappy!!

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Very unhappy after lift and implants

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I am sorry to hear about your situation. It is not clear to what it is that you are so unhappy with. Is it the size of the implants? Too large? Not tight enough after the lift? Visible thick scars? Recurrent capsule contracture? Before you have anything done you need to be able to be honest with yourself about what it was that you didn't like before the surgery since that is where you will be headed most likely if you simply take the implants out. Then you will have gone through a lot and gotten nowhere.

Unhappy and want to remove implants

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Cosmetic surgery is best for those who have very real expectations and have a procedure for the right reasons. If you have been quite unhappy with your implants since 2009 you have given the idea enough time, and now you would be better off without the implants.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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