Normal For Dr. To Recommend Breast Lift First Then Another Surgery For Aug?

How common is it to have two separate procedures? First a breast lift then a minimal augmentation? Why can't this be done in one surgery? I'm just not sure if this is increasing the cost to a total of $12,000 to have two surgeries versus one or if this is very common. I'm not sure if I'm being taken or if this is the only way to get the results. I'm not sure if the pricing I am seeing is the total cost or if $12,000 is out of line.

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Breast Augmentation and Lift Together

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Many surgeons like to do these procedures separately. In my opinion, this is not necessary if the surgeon plans well and will take the time during surgery to sit you up and remeasure the new position of the nipple. It is almost impossible to preplan exactly where the nipple belongs because that position will change after the implant is in place. This is why it is essential to take the extra time during surgery to remeasure the position before completing the lift. With these caveats, it is simple to get excellent results doing both an augmentation and breast lift at the same time. You and your surgeon must also plan carefully before surgery the size implant used, but this is necessary with just a breast augmentation. The price you mentioned does not seem unreasonable for the two procedures. Since you appear to desire the procedures done at the same time, seek another opinion. You will certainly save time off work and recovery, and you may save some money also.


Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift can be Performed at the Time of Augmentation, or Separately

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Hi there-

As stated by my colleagues, there is not universal agreement among surgeons on this point, and much will depend on what the surgeon you see feels can be achieved safely in your individual case.

If you are not comfortable, visit a few other surgeons for opinions. It's important for you to understand that what you were told is reasonable (including the costs), but that the option of doing them at the same time may exist. What may not be possible is to get the same outcome with both options, so think about this carefully and be sure you are choosing what is in your best interests, and not just what is cheapest or easiest.

In my experience, patients who made decisions based on the lowest price or the easiest option have a much greater risk of ending up unhappy- and then finding someone like me for a revision.

Breast Augmentation/Lifting Done Separately or Done Together?

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Thank you for the question.

Whether the breast lift and augmentation should be done the same time  is not a question agreed-upon by all plastic surgeons. There are good plastic surgeons who will insist on doing the procedures separately and there are good plastic surgeons who can produce excellent outcomes in a single stage.

The combination breast augmentation / mastopexy surgery differs from breast augmentation surgery alone in that it carries increased risk compared to either breast augmentation or mastopexy surgery performed separately. Furthermore, the potential need for revisionary surgery is increased with breast augmentation / mastopexy surgery done at the same time.

In my opinion, the decision  to do the operation in a single or two  staged fashion becomes a judgment call made by a surgeon after direct examination of the patient.  For me, if I see a patient who needs a great degree of lifting, who has lost a lot of skin elasticity, or  whose goal is a very large augmentation then I think it is best to do the procedures in 2 stages (in order to avoid serious complications). However, doing the procedure in one stage does increase the risks of complications in general and the potential need for further surgery. This increased risk must be weighed against the practical benefits of a single stage procedure (which most patients would prefer).

Conversely, if I see a patient who requires minimal to moderate lifting along with a small to moderate size augmentation (and has good skin quality), then doing the procedure one stage is much safer. Nevertheless, the potential risks  are greater with a 1 stage  procedure and the patient does have a higher  likelihood of needing revisionary surgery.

I hope this helps.

Do breast lift and augmentation have to be performed seperately?

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In my practice I commonly to perform breast augmentation and breast lift together. As has been mentioned in other posts, some plastic surgeons prefer to stage the procedure. There are factors to consider for the safe performance of the operation and for me it has to do with how much your nipple needs to be raised with the lift. If your breast is very ptotic (saggy) with your nipple(s) very low, I do stage the procedure. Another reason would be if the patient isn't sure they want an augmentation, so it is best to wait and see after the lift. I hope this helps.

Dr Edwards

Breast lift and agumentation

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While I often perform an augmentation and a lift at the same time, some surgeons prefer to stage them in two operations because of the higher risk of revision rates when they are combined.

No consensus on breast lift and augmentation together or at different times

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While it is not uncommon to do a lift and implants at differrent times, I prefer to do them together in most cases. The logic for doing them at different times is that there are a lot of chnages that can occur during healing that can result in a mismatch of the lift and the shape created by the implants. There is also the pressure on the scar when doing them together. On the other hand, committing everyone to two separate operations, each of which has a recovery time and expense, seems impractical. Doing them at the same time means there is a reasonably high probability that a revision might be needed after the initial healing, but this is usually something minor without extra expense or downtime for healing.

Breast lift and augmentation

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Interesting. That is my "preferred" way for patients that absolutely need both, but there are many ways of handling this situation.  Some I will do together. Several ideas. If you are lifting you are pulling one way and the augmentation is pushing in the opposite direction. Not good. Next. I am sure you have heard the word "settle" with augmentations. What if the settling now puts things out of position with how it looked on the operating table, if they were done together. Consider sending pictures and all of us will be better able to help.

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

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