Can I have a breast lift surgery + implants placed under muscle if i already have implants above the muscle?

I already have implants placed above the muscle from a BA from 5 yrs ago, and im planning on a breast lift surgery + implants now.. But dr says if i want under muscle implants,i have to remive the implants for 6 months before doing the lift+ BA. Cant i do the surgery right away as i dnt want to go through 2 ops and stay "boobless" for 6 months? What about the implant placement? Which one is better for my case? Under or above the muscle?

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Over to under muscle and breast lift combined

There is an increased risk of healing problems when combining these two procedures but there are ways to do it safely for most patients. It is usually possible to do them in one setting but your plastic surgeon may have made the recommendation to stage it for some specific reason.

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Can I have a breast lift surgery + implants placed under muscle if i already have implants above the muscle?

Yes, a simultaneous augmentation mastopexy and changing the implant from a subglandular to subpectoral plane can be performed safely.  However, I encourage you to discuss this with a board certified plastic surgeon because there are some decisions that you and your plastic surgeon will need to make regarding the type, size, shape of the implant, and the type of mastopexy you would need.  All these factors are important to keep in mind to give you the best possible result.

James C. Grotting, MD, FACS
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Augmented mastopexy with change the implant position

simultaneous mastopexy with changing of implant and reposition of implant to sub pectoral position is a normal practice as long as patient dose not have any other issue like capsular contraction and would like to have a same pocket (in your case subglangular) ,in my opinion it is just capsular contractur baker III and using sub glandular pocket that may make your surgeon to decide to do your surgery in two stages but again if you have your implant in sub glandular position and you want to go sub pectoral ,I will prefer to perform simultanious uplift and replacement of implant to sub pectoral pocket. Please discus it with your surgeon and I am sure he or she will help you with it.

Allen Rezai, MD
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Changing planes and a lift

Yes - this combination of changing to the sub-pectoral plane and doing a lift can certainly be done together, if everything else is otherwise straight-forward. Do you have other issues - like major asymmetries, capsular contractures, extremely thin tissues?

Thomas Fiala, MD
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