Will a Breast Lift Suffice to Achieve my Desired Look? (photo)

Hi there, i'd appreciate opinions regarding breast surgery if possible please. I am 26 y/o, no plans of having children for at least 5+ years (if ever), and I have had saggy breasts since my late teens, with large nipples, which i've always longed to have corrected. In my early 20s I was a d-cup, but these days I am more like a c-cup. I am looking into breast lift surgery, and debating if I should also get small implants - I just want my perky, d-cups again. Would a lift alone achieve this?

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Will a Breast Lift Suffice to Achieve my Desired Look?

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you have answered your own question--if you wish lifted and larger breasts, a lift alone will not accomplish this. If you raise your arms overhead this will give a simulation of a lift, and the breasts may appear smaller than in the position in this photo. If the breasts seem too small in the arms elevated pose, you will need implants in addition to the  lift. All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Desired breast look

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A lift alone will not change your breast cup size...if you are a c cup now, you will be a c cup  or smaller after a lift, depending on the type of lift.  If you want to be larger, your skin has already shown that it tends to sag, so a lift will improve the shape, but cannot defy gravity if you use a large implant...

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift Sufficient to Achieve My Goals?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Much of what I would recommend to you as a patient considering breast surgery will depend on exactly what your goals are. For example, I would need to learn from you what you mean by ‚Äúperky,D- cups".  This description can mean different things to different people.

In my opinion, the best way to communicate goals of what you are trying to achieve is with the help of goal pictures. Show your plastic surgeon  examples of breast that you like as well  as examples of breasts that are too large or too small.

For example, if you were to show me pictures that demonstrate significant fullness/roundness along the upper poles of the breasts,  then I would probably suggest that you undergo breast augmentation as well as breast lifting.

Do your due diligence in selection of plastic surgeon  and communicate your goals clearly with the plastic surgeon who you feel can achieve your goals.

Best wishes.

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