Short Scar Breast Lift 5th Week Post-op. When Can I Wear an Underwire Bra?

I had a breast lift with the short scar 5 weeks ago I was wondering when can I wear an under wire bra?

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Underwire bra after lift

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I usually have patients wait about 3 months before allowing them to wear an underwire bra after a "T" but a vertical usually less.  But ask your doctor.

Underwire bra

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I let my patients try an underwire bra at about two months as long as it does not cause any discomfort on the scar.  It's my experience that a well fitting underwire bra is more comfortable for most women than a soft cup bra.  Be sure to check with your surgeon.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D.

Bra after Breast Surgery?

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It is always best for patients to check with their own plastic surgeon for postoperative care instructions ( Including the use of wired bras);  these surgeons know the patient best and are ultimately responsible for their care.

Best wishes.

Underwire bra following breast lift

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I would definitely consult with my surgeon regarding this recommendation. The procedure performed and the use of an implant will definitely effect the decision. In some instances in which I perceive the patients to have lax tissue, I actually place them in an underwire padded bra immmediately after surgery to support the mastopexy and relieve tension on the lower pole of the breast.

Underwire Guidelines Vary By Physician

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The guidelines for when you can wear an underwire really vary from surgeon to surgeon.  I generally let my patients start wearing an underwire again after the first month, as long as it feels ok.  However, I would check with your sugeon just to make sure.

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