Lifting Without Reduction for Large Breasts Possible?

I have been trying to have my size 38F breast lifted for quite a while now and each surgeon that I have consulted has recommended a Breast reduction. I do not want a Breast reduction. I love my breasts. I simply want them lifted. Is this unreasonable? I can not find any information on the web about Breast lift only for large breast. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Breast Lifting for Very Large Breasts?

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Thank you for the question.

The saying that “time and gravity are not our friends” holds true in your case. Although breast lifting is possible,  because of the effects of breast weight, time, and gravity,  the results of the breast lift will likely be relatively short-lived.

Some patients who wish to have “uplifted” large breasts decide to have breast reduction surgery followed by (believe it or not) breast augmentation ( second stage surgery) to create the full upper pole volume/fullness they are looking for.

I hope this helps.


Breast lift without reduction for large breasts

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In a patient with large breasts who is not interested in a significant reduction in size, a breast lift is a great option. In our practice, we perform this procedure by first addressing the internal breast mound. With the use of suture techniques, we re-create the breast mound and stabilize its position on the chest. Once this is done, we can then redirect the skin under no tension over the new breast mound. This will help the patient achieve a long-lasting results, a pleasing new shape and position of the breasts, and help prevent thickening of the breast scars.

Breast lift does not last in huge breasts.

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There are several reasons to try to talk you into smaller breasts.  But the most important reason is that even the best breast lift will not last when the breasts are so big.  Gravity is too powerful.  Believe me, I have tried.  So I would not operate on you.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Lift without reduction possible for large breasts (38F)

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The simple answer is, sure you can have a lift without reduction. You can maintain your generous breast size and the lift will reduce, but not eliminate the fullness and looseness of the lower breast (hanging below the inframammary fold). Also the lift could raise your nipple and areola, if they are are low.

The lift is unlikely to be effective at raising the heavy breast gland tissue itself, to a higher position on the chest. The surgery would probably attempt to raise the gland portion, but it would likely settle back down. The surgery won't do the job a well-made bra would do for this issue. Perhaps this is why the surgeons you consulted made other recommendations.

If you had reduction to a smaller breast size, then elevation and support of the gland tissue would be more effective. The lift results would probably be longer lasting.

Sutton Graham II, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Can be done with skin removal only

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It is not a common request since most women who are an "F" cup do have symptoms of upper back and neck pains and posture problems. You do not state you height and weight which would put your breast size in better perspective. I do a vertical scar medial pedicle breast lift which gives you more cleavage and superior fullness with increased projection. I also do significant liposuction of the lateral chest wall and axillary breast for contouring. The end result is that you can look larger than an "F" cup. The long term results also depend on you skin thickness and elasticity. Most surgerons in this country do an anchor or inverted T technique and since the vertical scar is unnaturally short by design, breast tissue needs to be removed to be able to close the skin incisions. That is one of the reasons I abandoned that technique a decade ago. Good luck with your search.

Breast lift for large breasts

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With an "F" cup breast you are quite large. Although it is possible to just lift them, because they are probably very heavy, they probably won't stay lifted for very long. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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While that is a little bigger than most would want it can be done.

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A double flap technique is a good way to lift your breast and preserve the size and increase the projection. This is done with a vertical breast lift with an anchor shaped incision. This allows the nipple areolar complex to be moved up and the breast tissue elevated on the chest wall. Normally the bottom portion of the breast would be removed and discarded. I have found that almost always this inferior breast tissue can be maintained on the central blood supply. The flap of tissue has the skin removed and is folded under the superior flaps that are used to lift and shape your breast. This results in a more projecting breast which is elevated and also maintains the size with the only decrease in size being that needed to obtains symmetry of the two breasts.

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 17 reviews

Breast volume may need to be decreased to tighten and lift the breasts

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38F is a large breast size so to try and perform a breast lift with minimal reduction in volume may make the surgery difficult to accomplish. Without the benefit of examining you it is hard to give much more advice than that. Remember that often a breast lift alone with make the breast size smaller. Best of luck.

Dr Edwards

Breast lift fror large breasts requires some reduction of breast tissue

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Lifting the breasst requires that some excess skin be removed. To make your lifted breast have a nice normal shape, some of the sagging skin has to be removed.

The new uplifted breast skin will not be large enough to hold all of the breast tissue-you simply cannot squeeze the extra breast tissue into the new normally shaped breast.

This should be able to be accomplished and still leave you with a large full D cup breast, but not an F cup.

Some reduction is necesssary but it can be minimized

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In doing a breast reduction the skin has to be lifted off the breast thick enough that the remaining skin has enough blood supply to survive. In removing the extra skin, you become somewhat smaller. This can be customized to your desires to some degree. The problem with staying too large is that you will probably sag again under the weight and gravity so your lift won't last as well.

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