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An MRI shows a saline implant from 1986 has ruptured... they think!. It feels to me as if it simply came to the fore of the breast muscles it was placed behind. Is that possible>? Could a new implant be inserted behind the chest muscle thru the same semi periaerola scar (which is almost invisible)

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Breast Implants

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That sounds unusual.  It should be relatively easy to tell if a saline implant has ruptured.  Are you sure it was saline?

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Replacing Implant

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A ruptured saline implant should be easy to detect as there will be a volume change. Did you mean to say that you had a silicone implant in 1986. If so, there is a high likelihood that it is ruptured. Whether you just need an implant exchange or capsule work, it can be done through your old incision. If you only had the one breast surgery, the implants cannot move to a different place.

New implant

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A new implant can be placed though the same incision.

The difficult for you is not placing or removing the implants. But rather the status of the existing capsule and whether that needs removal.

Doing a proper capsulectomy through a periareolar incision, (which you will likely need if you had your implants in 1986) is very difficult.



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