Breast Lift- Pro Bono?

I am a 24 year old mother of a beautiful 2 year old boy. I nursed him for a whole year and needless to say my breast are extremely saggy. I can in no way afford to pay for the procedure. So my question is are there any surgeons who would consider giving me a breast lift for free.

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Post nursing breasts

Jennifer: You are blessed to be a mother but your photo shows how pregnancy and lactation have influenced your breasts.  If you are considering having future pregnancies, I would recommend delaying any breast lifts, etc. until after you have completed your pregnancies, as any improvements may be reversed with subsequent pregnancy.  If you live close to a University teaching hospital, you might ask whether the Plastic Surgery division has a residents' cosmetic clinic.  While the procedure would not be "pro-bono", the cost may be significantly less.  In my training program, we were supervised by board certified Plastic Surgeons when we attended clinic patients who received cosmetic procedures at greatly reduced cost.  Hope this is helpful.  good luck.

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