Breast Lift Options After 2 Breast Surgeries? What to Do Next? Can I Get a Refund on my Surgery? (photo)

I had 360cc breast implants put in in 2007 due to saggy/breastfeeding breasts which are too big for me (34DDD). I consulted a surgeon asking for the smallest saline implants available and a lift to reduce me to 34C. Was told he would do a lollipop lift and replace implant with a smaller implant a 240cc. I had the surgery done a month lollipop was done but he did a crescenteric lift. I am the exact same size and very unhappy. What surgical options do I have? I need to be smaller.HELP

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Options for Breast Surgery and Refund

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I think your breast are still too large for any significant long lasting lift. early recurrence would be a very real problem, as well as significant scarring and delayed healing. For their size your breast look fine. It would be unnatural, and virtually impossible to lift them to the point where the inframmary folds where visible. Since your doctor performed a lesser procedure than the one for which you paid, you might request a partial refund.

Breast Lift Options After 2 Breast Surgeries? What to Do Next? Can I Get a Refund on my Surgery?

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Thanks for the series of posted photos. Sounds like a COMPLETE pre operative mis communication! Most likely best to change surgeons. You need a full or at best a L-shaped lift with much smaller implants or even no implants. Sorry for your issues. Very hard to obtain a return of $'s but you can ONLY ask. 

Changing plans in plastic surgery

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In elective plastic surgery, with an experienced plastic surgeon caring for you, there should be very few deviations from the "plan" that was established preop.  It would be rare to encounter a situation that would require a dramatic alteration, and I can't think of one in your case that would have led from going to a crescenteric lift alone.  As long as you truly understaood the plan, you have a right to be upset.  You should discuss this candidly with the surgeon and see what they say.  By the way, in my opinion, you really need a full T lift becasue a lollipop will still leave you bottom heavy since you have so much excess skin in the lower pole.

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