Is It Better to Do a Breast Lift with Moderate Ptosis Before It Gets Severe or to Wait Until You Are Done Having Kids?

I am 35, single, & not sure I will have more kids. I may want another child but am getting up there in age. Judging from diagrams, it's hard to distinguish whether I have Grade 2 ptosis or psuedoptosis. The fullness of my breasts lie beneath the nipple and the nipple is pointing slightly downward and slightly below the crease. I am a 34D. My biggest concerns are scarring or having to redo surgery if I have another child. I'm also considering implants. I want to avoid vertical/anchor scarring.

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Best to wait for breast lift until you are finished having kids

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It is best to wait until you are finished having kids before getting a breast lift. But if you are not sure it may be best to go ahead and enjoy the results.  Whether a vertical scar can be avoided can only be determined with pictures or, better still, a physical exam. Utilizing an implant can often reduce the need for a vertical scar by filling out the breasts, but will not actually lift them. Scars limited to around the nipple will only modestly lift the breasts and, in general, flatten the breast unless an implant is used. Your goals are understandable, but there are many unhappy patients who have ended up with a shape they did not like after limited incisions.  In general, an excellent perky shape with a fine scar is preferable to most patients rather than a compromised shape without a scar.

Breast Lift Surgery

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It would be advisable to wait until you have finished having children to have a breast lift/augmentation.  Changes in the breast tissue due to pregnancy and breastfeeding may require you to have significant revision of the surgery should you choose to do this procedure before you have your last child. 

Is It Better to Do a Breast Lift with Moderate Ptosis Before It Gets Severe or to Wait Until You Are Done Having Kids?

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If you are planning another pregnancy soon, it would be best to wait. Otherwise, the sources of uncertainty are personal, not medical.

If you want the improvement now, have the surgery now. But you will be taking a chance of needing a redo after a pregnancy, though that is a possibility, not a certainty. 

All the best/ 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift before or after children

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If  you are planning to have more children soon , then I would put a breast lift off until you have finished.  The technique used will depend upon the size of your breasts, and the degree of ptosis or sag.

Breast lift before or after another child

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If you are considering having another baby, then hold off until your childbearing is complete.  Otherwise, in all likelihood, you will need revision at additional expense.  Since you use the word "slightly" I hope that this is something you can live with in the meantime.  The surgical technique and use of the vertical scar is dependent upon the degree of ptosis.  Frequently, it is unavoidable in order to achieve the correct result.  Implants will put you at risk for sagging and this is a consideration that should be discussed in detail during your consultation.

Timing of a breast lift surgery

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If you are considering a pregnancy in the next year then it would be best to hold off and have a breast lift once your are done with your family.  

Delaying breast lift surgery due to possible future pregnancies

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Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, pregnancy does subject the female body to unexpected changes. Impossible to predict. I can, however, tell you about the Ultimate Breast Lift technique or the Mini UBL. Since you did not post a photo, I cannot tell you which technique would be best for you. As a 34 D, you may qualify for the Mini UBL. This technique has completely eliminated the vertical and infra-mammary scars. The Mini UBL is not a Benelli. The MUBL lifts and reshapes the breast to achieve upper pole fullness without implants. It has also been designed to provide a longer lasting lift by anchoring your breasts to your pec muscles achieving natural results with minimal scarring.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Dr. H

Wait until child bearing is over before having a mastopexy.

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There is no prophylactic benefit to cosmetic surgery. Since childbirth can undo much of what a mastopexy accomplishes, I would wait until you are finished with childbirth.

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