Breast Lift Mastopexy No Implants?

I'm 3 months post- op on Sept. 10th I will be 4 mos. I had a hemetoma 9 days after surgery which was drained. I'm still very tight, and numb. The right breast is having spasms and my arm gets stuck because its so tight, also I can feel a several little bumps under the skin. I can only sleep on my back because if I turn to my side I get this out of control zingging and itching all throughout my body. Is this normal also will it go away. My PS told me to go for physical therapy????

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Mastopexy, hematoma

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Sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing. Blood in the tissues is quite inflammatory and the problems that contributes to can last for several months.

Physical therapy makes good sense for a number of reasons, including the maintenance of a normal range of motion for your shoulder, and the possibility of ultrasound treatments to the breast that might stimulate more speedy resolution of your symptoms. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

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