Breast Lift with Internal Support Using Sutures, Flaps Etc; What Should I Look For?

Hi, I'm very interested in the breast lift procedures that involve creating an internal bra or support system. Is this a common procedure and are the results as long lasting as one that only incorporates a re draping of skin. Finally what markers should I look for in a good breast lift?

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Choices in breast lift surgery

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There are many different techniques to perform a breast lift.   Many factors must be considered including the quality of your skin, the amount of breast tissue present and the degree of breast sagging.  There are internal bra type procedures that are a very standard operation performed by most qualified plastic surgeons.  At the time of a consultation discuss your goals with your surgeon and together a surgical plan can be designed.   

Internal Bra Lift

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I am very skeptical of claims that the breast can be supported by internal sutures or flaps.  I have been unimpressed by the long term photos.  You are correct in questioning the strength of skin removal and re-draping but I think it is really the best we have right now.  If the breast is heavy then some reduction in volume can be helpful to achieve a lighter breast that is easier for the skin to support.  Understand that breast lifts often yield long-term benefits but the breast will gradually sag again and you may wish to consider a repeat lift at some point in the future.

Breast lift

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There are many fancy names to entice patients to go to a specific  doctor. Most mastopexies use sutures to mold the breast tissue and make them look perkier.

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