Are These results Normal? (photo)

Had breast lift with saline implants under the muscle along with lipo to the underarm areas. My breasts are looking sort of "square" at the sides . Is this normal and due to the swelling that's there from the lipo.? Will it resolve over time ending up with that nice round look? Pls advise.

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Early Breast Lift with Implants Result

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Your concerns are way too early in the healing process to try and critique the results. You need to wait a full three months and then judge the details of the breast reshaping results. Much will change by then.

Are These results Normal?

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Still very early in healing phases. Please call your surgeon to re discuss healing phases after cosmetic surgery. This should have been done in your pre operative informed consent meeting. If you do not remember or did not fully understand than PLEASE see your surgeon. 

Normal Results

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Thank you for your photograph.  It appears that your breast shape is pretty good.  When the swelling resolves I believe your result will be good.

Dr. ES

Concerns about Breast Shape after Breast Augmentation/Lifting Surgery?

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You will find that it  will not be possible for online consultants to accurately predict or reassure you about the long-term results of the procedure performed. Generally speaking, however at 10 days postop you can be sure that you are not seeing the final results of the procedure performed. Also, generally speaking, as swelling dissipates and breast implants “settle” the appearance of the breasts do tend to improve.

 At this point I would encourage you to continue to exercise patience, continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon, and evaluate the results of surgery 3 to 6 months from now.

 Best wishes.

Are These results Normal?

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Congratulations on having undergone your procedure. Although the entire breast is not visible on these photos (including the areas that you question), I see nothing that would concern be so far. At 10 days, there will be swelling from the breast surgery and from the liposuction. My advice----


All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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