Breast Lift with Implants - 1 Breast is Higher, Fuller, Wider

I had a breast lift with removal of old implants and new implants behind the muscle, all of this last week. From the beginning i noticed the different shape and volume in the two breasts. One sits higher is fuller ,wider and bigger then the other.This from day 2 when i saw the result. Will this needs a correction after a few months ? Also i had a small d cup before the surgery, implants of 225cc. The new implants are 200cc and my breasts seems to have gained a full cup instead of losing one.

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Implant revision

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The breasts may look different at this stage because of swelling. Hard to say without knowing pre-op and post-op information and seeing you.

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Hi Martina,

I am sorry you are not happy with the appearance of your breasts.  Because there are no photographs, I can't make an assessment of your current situation, but I can generalize by saying it is too early to tell if you will need some revision to correct what you see.  There are too many variables immediately after surgery that need to 'iron out' which will change your appearance once you have fully healed. 

One thing that does stand out is that the higher implant is also your fuller/wider breast in the lower pole.  Usually, the breast with the higher implant is narrower and less full in the lower pole.  This indicate that this breast is in fact bigger.  Unfortunately, time will tell, and a better assessment can be made in a month.

I hope all works out for you, best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Asymmetry after mastopexy augmenation

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Though you did not provide photos, I gather from your description that you may of had some sort of mastopexy (breast lift) at the same time as having your implants exchanged.  If this is correct, then having some early postoperative asymmetry is quite common and you should allow the swelling to settle and skin to relax.  If after three months or so you still see the difference then it may be necessary to correct it.  Discuss this with your PS after your swelling has decreased.

Implant-related Assymetry

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It sounds like you have assymetry following surgery and may want to obtain specific instructions during a visit with one or more qualified plastic surgeons.  Especially early on in the first 2 weeks, a large assymetry can be related to a hematoma or other condition that may need early treatment.

Jeff Scott, MD
Everett Plastic Surgeon

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