Will a Breast Lift Without Implants Work?

I am unhappy with the shape, asymmetry and skin laxity of my breasts, however, I do not want implants. What I'd love to achieve is improved shape, skin tightening, elevated nipple position, and correction of asymmetry in terms of relative nipple position and size. Is it possible for me to achieve a good result with a breast lift alone? (I realize that an implant would give a much better result, I am just not comfortable with the idea of foreign objects in my body.) Thank you in advance!

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Breast Implant versus Breast Lift

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Based on your picture, I think that you would have a nice result from a breast lift alone.  The procedure will make a nice change in the shape of your breast and improve the symmetry.  Adding implant will ad volume and upper pole fullness.  You can always decide to have the implants placed as a secondary procedure - they do not have to be placed at the same time as the lift.  Good luck.

Requesting lift without implants: have you thought about fat grafts

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One more opinion! You are not sagging at all on your right but you do have minor volume loss on the upper portions of the breast. This could be corrected with an internal Benelli or parenchymal rearrangement type procedure but this is alot of surgery for you at this age. The alternative would be to provide selective upper pole fullness with fat injections and a crescent lift on the left to correct the asymmetric position of the nipples.

Breast lift and asymmetry

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An exam would be key to evaluate you. But at least from the picture the breast on your right side does not look ptotic.  You may just need something on the left.

A Breast Lift Can Tighten the Breast Skin

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My opinion is that you have a very slight degree of breast sagging, and some asymmetry.  You mention that you dislike the skin laxity. Breast firmness has something to do with excess skin, but also depends on the actual tissue within your breast.

"Re-wrapping" the breast with tighter skin with or without raising the nipple could be done, but you have to decide if the scars are worth the improved shape and skin tone you would acheive.

Breast enlargement with fat grafting

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From your pictures it appears that you would most benefit from some volume replacement.  I usually don't recommend a lift unless the nipple is below the infra-mammary crease.  If it is at or above the crease then volume will give the appearance of a lift and also correct the asymmetry.  If you are adverse to implants then another option is fat grating.  This procedure uses your own fat as a graft and increases the breasts up to one cup size. 

Breast lift without implants is a terrific procedure for breast enhancement

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The photo you provide is helpful- you appear to have nicely shaped breasts, with your right breast being close to an ideal shape. I suspect that you dislike the amount of asymmetry you have in nipple position and breast shaping. A breast lift without implants can help improve and balance your overall breast shape, nipple position and breast volume distribution. Seek out of board certified plastic surgeon for a thorough evaluation. From the 'worm's eye' vantage point of the photo that you provide, I would suggest a vertical breast lift using an auto-augmentation flap to improve upper pole breast volume. Fat grafting to the upper pole of your breast would also help to provide some additional volume in lieu of a breast implant.

Define droopy

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First you need to take a pencil and place it in the breast crease under your breasts - if your nipples are at that line or above as it appears from your pictures, you are not droopy and would NOT benefit from a lift. Your nipples should be way below where the pencil rests to benefit from a lift alone. If you are really droopy - type 2 or 3 ptosis, then a lift with its scars -- and there are scars can be helpful. Be careful. If all you are lacking is a little fullness, you then need implants to fill out what you have.

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