Breast Lift / Implants 6 Week Post-op - is This Normal Settling?

Thank you for your time. I was just wanting a second opinion. My Dr. said that I am on track and looking good. I know they say give atleast 3 mo for implants to settle and swelling to diminish, but I am thinking that if they setttle too much more I am going to be saggy again. I also have hot spots at the bottom of my bubbies is this normal? I know everyone is different, and I am just wondering.. Also, I was told NO bra that holds you tight, up, or in. so wearing a sports bra I feel like I sag.

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Breast Lifting/Augmentation Concerns?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Based on the photographs,  I think your plastic surgeon has done a nice job for you;  for this stage, the breast implants appear to be in good position and (from what I can see) the incision lines are healing nicely. You also have good symmetry present.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

S/p Breast this normal settling?

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All breasts settle to some degree after any breast lift or tightening.  Breasts are lifted in relation to the inframammary crease, the fold below the breast.  For the most part, this fold is an anatomical structure that can not be lifted.  If a patient has a lower crease level, than that limits how much the breast can be lifted.  if the nipple is brought up too far above the level of the fold, as the breast settles at the fold, the nipple will look way too high, and there is no good way of fixing this problem.  So, it is important to warn patients that a breast lift will lessen the overhang but not eliminate it, that larger breasts will not remain way up high due to gravity and sometimes a reduction is a better course of action in large-breasted patients unless they want to stay large-breasted, and that no lift will give a patient any fullness in the upper portion of the breast...only implants will do that, and of course implants have their own set of issues, particularly when done with breast lifts.

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