Could I Have a Breast Lift/implants & Tummy Tuck, then 3 Weeks Later Arm & Thigh Lift and BBL?

I am a healthy 23 yr old who has lost 80 lbs. It's left me with a lot of loose skin. I work out a lot but I don't believe exercise can do any more for me in terms of tightening my skin. I'm going abroad in order to save money, but know I can't get all these procedures done at once. I am staying with friends so I can be abroad for a while but I don't want to stay for more than 2 months. Could I have these procedures in this order and w/in the time suggested w/o facing health risks?

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Combining cosmetic procedures

Yes, I invite you to watch my videos. I try and combine procedures to help my patients achieve what they want in as few operations as possible. This also decreases costs for the patient as well as time off of work,etc. I have specific experience in this area and am the President of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons.

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I urge caution when considering surgery out of country

It is certainly possible to do multiple procedures at a time and then another set of procedures later.  However if possible I wait 3 month between to allow previous areas to heal fully so that if any touch ups are required, they can be done at that time.  Second, I wonder if BBL is the right procedure for you.  Would a real butt lift be better in a weight loss patient?  You may be referring to a butt lift, not Brazilian butt lift (not a lift but a fat grafting procedure)

Finally,you are considering a complex set of body contouring procedures.  Your risks of complications and wound healing issues may be increased compared to an average person.  Are you sure you want to play your odds in a foreign country where you may not be able to afford the medical bills (because they add up astronomically if you become very sick)


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Staging makeovers abroad

Good job on your weight loss!  I agree with Dr. Gottlieb that you need to consider the possible cost overruns should you encounter unforeseen circumstances while abroad.  You have obviously researched well, are making thoughtful choices, and appear to be reasonable in asking the right questions.  You certainly can have all that you have listed in your staged makeover, but know that good plastic surgery IS expensive, but cheap plastic surgery may actually cost MORE.  Best of luck with your project.

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Total body makeover done abroad?

Yes you could have that much done safely here in the U.S. and some places abroad, but you are sure to need some follow-up procedures with that much surgery. If it were done in the U.S. most plastic surgeons will see each others patients for follow-up many times without charge. If it were done abroad and you needed help when you get back home most plastic surgeons would refuse for fear of "inheriting" blame for a less than adequate result.

We would do your procedures over several days back to back, with the option to post-pone at any stage if it is advisable:

Day 1:Medial thigh Lift ($5560)

Day 2: BBL ($6980)

Day 3: Upper arms ($5035)

Day 4: Breasts & Tummy ($9246)

Dr Foster 

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Surgeries in Stages

Congratulations on your weight loss. While it is possible to have the two stages within 3 weeks, careful planning needs to occur to ensure that this timing is suitable for you. Considering the amount of surgery, you may experience complications or slow healing which will require you to remain in country for longer to receive proper postoperative care.

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I prefer to wait about three months between major surgical sessions for breast lift/implants, TT, Lateral Arm and Thigh Lift.

Thank you for your question.

I prefer to wait about three months between major surgical sessions but check with your plastic surgeon to see what his/her preferences are.

Best wishes.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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Multiple operations, out of the country

  • It is possible but by no means certain that after three weeks you will feel well enough to go through the second round of operations. 
  • It is possible but by no means certain that it will be safe to do the second round of procedures after three weeks. 


We don't know from your note where you are headed for your surgery. Health risks may be greater than those you would face at home. 

Blood loss estimates by surgeons are well known to be less than actual loss. The procedures you are planning can have significant blood loss. Make sure your blood count is checked between operations so that you don't to into your second procedure with an unexpectedly low blood count.

If you come back home with problems, expect to find it difficult to find a surgeon who will be willing to take on those problems. 

Good luck. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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