Left Breast Swelling More After Augmentation and Lift

I had a breast lift and augmentation, 400cc implants which is what I was before weight loss. Now, I have one high breast and one very low. I'm left handed. The left side swell won't subside, and the right seems so low on the chest. I am 5 weeks post op. I love the size, but the asymmetry is hurting my shoulders with the bra straps. Doctor wants to wait out the swelling on the left. Could the implant have slipped a bit on the right? Photo is 3 weeks. The right breast is even lower now.

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Needs further evaluation

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Although swelling is common and can be a little more on one side compared to the other, your size difference would lead me to want to evaluate for some form of fluid colloestion around the implant. Bleeding around the implant, called a hematoma, of this volume should be drained because it places you at a higher risk of infection and capsular contracture. If it is a fluid collection which is less common called a seroma, these can sometimes be observed but a breast ultrasound would be helpful. Discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon because they have the benefit of having done your surgery and examined you along the way. Best of luck.

Dr Edwards

Swelling could be related to hematoma, seroma or infection.

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Your picture clearly demonstrates a significant unilateral left-sided breast swelling.It’s impossible to know the origin of this swelling without a physical examination or advanced radiographic studies.

This swelling is most likely related to hematoma formation, seroma formation, or infection.These problems require immediate attention to avoid the loss of the breast implant.Failure to treat this problem in a timely manner could result in a permanent aesthetic deformity.It’s therefore important to contact your plastic surgeon as soon as possible to avoid these types of problems.


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While it is common for asymmetry to be present at this stage of recovery, you should consult the surgeon if there is a dramatic difference. You want to ensure that there is no infection or blood collection present, and if there is than you would want to address it in a timely fashion.

Assymetry during recovery is normal

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At this point in time of your recovery, assymetry is normal. One breast may be settling sooner and quicker than the other. Variations in swelling and bruising may also add to the difference in size and shape. I recommend massaging the other side to help it settle into the pocket. Aggressive massage and manipulation of the breast will help soften them and prevent encapsulation (scar tissue). FInal results may be seen around 6-8 months post surgery. I suggest consulting your board certified plastic surgeon with any concerns or issues. Good luck and take care.

One breast more swollen than the other after breast lift with implants

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After breast lift with implant surgery, it is common to expect a moderate amount of bruising and swelling. However, if one side is significantly more swollen than the other this is a cause for concern. See your plastic surgeon as soon as possible so that they may determine whether this is unusual but harmless swelling or a collection of blood fluid or an infection in the affected breast.

Breast aug/lift question

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Swelling in the breasts after surgery is not uncommon.  However, the left is definitely much larger than the right.  Is the surgeon sure that it is not a seroma or hematoma?  You may need to get an ultrasound.  You should definitely follow closely with your surgeon to make sure. 

Breast swelling after surgery

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It is common to see one breast appear slightly more swollen than the other in the initial 1-3 weeks after surgery.

However, the amount of swelling you have over the left breast is unusual after 5 weeks. In addition, the asymmetry is significant.

I would agree with the other doctors here in that I suspect you may have a collection of blood or fluid in the left breast. It needs to be removed. Waiting for it to resolve on its own is not a good idea.

An ultrasound can be done to evaluate how much fluid or blood is there.

You should follow up with your surgeon as soon as possible. Make sure he/she examines you and understands your concerns.

John Diaz, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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