Breast Lift or Implant? (photo)

I am 28 years old. Weigh 110. I have 2 kids (2 and 6yrs old) I breast fed both my kids. I am getting a full TT with muscle repair. I don't want both a lift and implants (due to price and so many procedures at one time) I am a 32 DD according to Victoria's Secret (pretty sure im a little smaller) I have lots of extra skin on my boobs. I mainly am looking to fill the extra skin to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks and give me some upper fullness. Not really go any bigger. Thank you!!

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A breast implant does not take up much slack. A lift is needed instead for saggy breasts.

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No, you should not consider just implants.  First, you don't want to be any bigger.  Second, they would have to be huge to take up the slack adequately.  You would be better served with a vertical breast lift to get rid of the loose skin and small implants to restore upper pole fullness (implants work much better than trying to use your own breast tissue).  This is a very common combination.  I do it with tummy tucks regularly (mommy makeover).  But it is more expensive.  You can always come back later for it.  I attached a link to my website just in case you want to view some before and after photos of other patients.

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Breast Lift or Implant?

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Based upon the posted photos I recommend a full lifting operation with fat grafting to fill out deficiencies. 

Breast lift or implant ??

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In   my concern   looking  at your pictures ,   you need   both    breast  lift  combined   with breast  augmentation,     ,   implant     will never   correct   a  ptosis    by   itself   , there  is    no  doubt ,    that    breast  implant   it  self   it  is  not   your  correct   choice ,   ,     when   we   do   breast   lift      we  use     your  breast    tissue    to  give  fullnesss  to  upper  poles   but   in  short    time  with the    gravity    all  this     will be   part   of   lower   poles ,  if there  is  a matter  of   price    your  selection   is   breast  lift  only   in some    years     when  upper    poles deflet  then   you can    an option for breast    augmentation

Cynthia Disla, MD
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Only breast lift requried

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You can certainly get a nice result with a breast lift without needing to use an implant.  The breast tissue that is hanging below the crease can be used to give you more upper pole fullness and breast projection.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast implants can camouflage ptosis.

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If you want to be much larger I don't think a breast augmentation is going to do you much good. To camouflage the amount of ptosis you have would require fairly large prosthesis. You might be looking at a mastopexy.

Breast Lift or Implant?

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Based on your pictures, a breast lift may be more natural in the long run. Breast implants will likely make your breasts look droopy. 

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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A Vertical Mastopexy is what you need

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Breast implants of any size will make you bigger, but will not address the overall sagging of your breast tissue.  A breast lift to tighten the skin of your breast would be your best bet, but you will likely need an incision not only all the way around your nipple/areola, but also vertically down your breast (a vertical mastopexy).  Whether this scar merges into a horizontal scar in your breast fold or curves around to the side depends on surgeon preference.  It is unlikely that an incision only around the nipple and areola will be able to tighten your breast skin enough.  A breast lift will also not add cleavage or upper breast fullness; only an implant can do that.

Breast lift or implant alone?

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Looking at your photos  an implant alone would not give you a satisfactory result. You would be larger, but still have the glandular ptosis ( droop ), which would not be an improvement. A lift alone would improve the breast shape and lessen the tissue in the lower pole, but you may lack superior fill ( cleavage ).  I usually recommend a small implant in cases such as yours for that reason. By taking tissue out inferiorly and adding it above, the net effect is little change in size. Both the TT and lift can be done at the same time which should create significant savings in cost for you.

Breast Lift or Augmentation

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In the situation of needing an either or option since you don't want to do a lift with an implant, I base the decision on several factors including how much sag or ptosis you have and how much breast volume is present. You have too much ptosis in my opinion for an implant alone to give you a good look. If you don't mind the amount of breast volume that you have, a lift alone will give you a better breast shape. You can always add an implant at a second procedure later if you want more volume.

Breast Lift or Implant

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For those patients who are looking to keep the same volume of their breast with a fuller and perkier look a breast lift is the right procedure, in your case you will get a better appearance for your breast and wont have to worry about stretch marks getting larger because of a bigger volume of an implant. Best Wishes!

Australia Fragoso-Baez, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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