Will a Breast Lift Help A Mother's Breasts Look Perkier?

Which other specific mommy makeover procedures will help someone look healthier and perky? Do smaller chested mothers do better with just a lift?

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Choosing a breast lift surgeon for droopy breasts

A breast lift, using minimal scars, can dramatically improve the shape and contour of the female breast after childbirth.  I would recommend a consultation to determine the need for a breast lift. 

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Will a Breast Lift Help a Mother's Breasts Look Perkier?

If the breasts have sagged from the pregnancy, then a breast lift will make the breasts look perkier, but it is not a permanent result, as there will be sagging in the future. The larger the woman’s breast volume is, typically the faster they sag again.

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Breast lift for prettier breast

Breast shape changes as women age and can be negatively affected by child bearing. Breast lift, or mastopexy surgery, is a procedure that restores the shape of a breast to a more youthful shape. It is often the 'cure' for unattractive, saggy (ptotic) breasts. With aging and childbirth, breasts can lose their volume and develop a deflated look. Mastopexy surgery is designed to reverse these changes.

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A breast lift can improve the shape and projection of the breasts

Yes,  breast lift can make your breasts perkier, but you may need implants to restore volume.  The lift is great for moving the nipples in to a higher position, but the perkiness or projection may not be what you want if you've lost volume after childbirth.  Therefore, silicone or saline breast implants my be required to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Mommy Makeover: Will a Breast Lift Help Breasts Look Perkier

The classic mommy makeover is a combination of breast augmentation and or breast lift, and a tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty).  Both procedures correct changes that occur following pregnancy and breast feeding in order to attain maximum aesthetic results.  The effects of pregnancy and breast feeding on the breasts classically result in loss of volume, drop of the breasts (ptosis) and loose skin. By restoring volume with an implant, and tightening and repositioning the skin with a breast lift (mastopexy), a board certified plastic surgeon can create the size, shape, sensuality and symmetry that a patient desires.

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A Breast Lift will make a Mother's Breasts look perkier and more youthful

Yes, the Breast Lift or Dermal Mastopexy will restore the Breast to a kore youthful appearance after pregnancy.

During pregnancy the breast gland en;larges stretching the breast skin. After  pregnancy and discontinuation of nursing the breast gland atrophies or shrinks.

The stretched and enlarged skin envelope holding the breast drops the breast and nipple down into a sagging position.

The Breast lift involves lifting the nipple and the breast gland up into a more youthful "perkie" position.

Often a Breast Augmentation is done at the same time to give the breast more fullness with enhanced cleavage.

Breast lift makes Mother's breasts perkier

If your breasts are sagging and have lost volume, a breast lift will make them more full and youthful.  Another option if you do not have "too" much ptosis (breast sag) is an augmentation with an implant. The size of the breast is not as important as the shape of the breast. 

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Breast lift can be a component of a mommy makeover

If your breasts are sagging or deflated after pregnancy, a breast lift can certainly restore a more youthful shape to your breasts. Excess skin can be removed and the nipple position can be elevated if needed. Many patients may also need a small breast implant placed at the same time to restore some of the lost volume or size. A board certified plastic surgeon can evaluate you and make the best recommendation for your specific case.

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Breast lift a mommy makeover? What would Identical Twins choose?

A breast lift may be part of a mommy makeover.   There are multiple factors involved in the decision process.  Your own desires rank number one of course regarding size especially.  Sometime a simple lift alone is adequate.  Your specific anatomy and desires play a role here.  Sometimes an implant alone gives a lift effect.   You need to see photos to understand that.  True surgical skin excision lifts do cause some scaring.  Is that okay with you?  Again you need to see photos.  Like snowflakes, every human being is unique in anatomy, in desire, in mental make up, etc.   You are the only you on earth or  in the whole universe, so what is right for you may not be right for your identical twin sister.  Your anatomy may be identical but you desires and mental make up may be light years apart.  Over my career I have operated upon 7 sets of identical twins.  Some chose similar and some were 180 degrees apart despite their identical anatomy. 


Will a Breast Lift Help a Mother's Breasts Look Perkier?

Yes, possible but no posted photos. Best to see in person a boarded PS in your area for  more accurate advise.

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