Breast Lift with Fat Grafting?

I am a 49-year-old female who had silicone breast implants done almost 25 years ago. I started having problems with one of them, which was leaking and had a capsular contraction. I had them removed about one month ago and am now ready to consider my option. I obviously lost a lot of volume and there are areas that are asymmetrical and are saggy. I really don't want implants again; I am fine with the size, just want a little more lift and fullness - is a breast lift with fat grafting feasible?

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Breast lift after implant removal

Why don't you try the breast lift first and see if you are happy.  Fat grafting is still experimental and no matter what anyone says, there are actual real problems that can happen and have been published in the medical literature.  These include scar tissue, cysts, and calicfications, none of which you would want to have.  A well done lift is usually all you need especially if you are happy with your breast volume now.

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Breast lift and augmentation with fat grafting

Fat grafting to the breast is really one of the best options out there.  Not only can a more natural shape be delivered, but in general the skin quality improves as well.  The ability to achieve your lift goals really depends on the shape of your breasts and the position of the nipple.  I have been augmenting breasts that need only a small amount of lift by using infrared energy to tighten the skin above the nipple comined with fat or an implant.  As far as fat grafting goes it is very important to handle the fat and grafting appropriately to get beautiful results.  Although there has been mixed reports on fat grafting, in the right hands it can deliver beautiful results.  Problems arise when untrained individuals start advertising and performing these procedures without expertise.  Make sure you find a plasitc and reconstructive surgeon that is well versed in these techniques.


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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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Fat grafting can be done after 3 months post explantation

The use of fat for the breast enlargement is an option that may work well for patients that are not concerned about the size only. I have performed more that 50 patients who were not happy with implants and done fat grafting. You can check my site for examples. The need for the lift will depend on the position of the nipple and amount of the extra skin.

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Life after breast implants

After 25 years of for better or worse with your breast implants, many find that they are hard to live without. One month is too soon to judge, though a breast lift can be an excellent solution if you can find the breast scar acceptable. Fat grafting may be a poor idea as cysts and calcifications from the grafts can complicate breast exams.

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Breast Lift with Fat Grafting?

Its really hard to say without knowing how big your implants were and without seeing you...but...Breast enlargement by fat transfer in general gives very modest improvement in most cases. I certainly would not expect to get much lift out of it, but rather a very slight improvement in size. I have done implants in several women who had fat grafting first and they saw absolutely no improvement over time from the fat.

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Breast lift and fat grafting

Without seeing pictures it is difficult to make any recommendations. The volume loss you experienced with implant removal may not be replaceable with fat grafting alone. Let things settle at least 3-6 months before doing anything! Good luck!

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Breast revision

First, a month after implant removal is a bit too soon to consider having additional surgery. You should let things settle down for a few more months.  It sounds from your description that a lift may be necessary.  Fat grafting is primarly being used in reconstructive patients to correct some irregularities and contour issues.  An exam is key.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Lift with Fat Grafting?

Real lifting can not be achieved with fat grafting alone. But attaining "fullness" can. Best to see/find a Boarded PS that does Fat transfer to the breasts. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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