Which Breast Lift is Better Choice for Me?

April of 2011 i had augmentation along with a lollipop breast lift on both breast the doctor inserted 250cc behind the muscle. Well after the surgery they both relaxed alot. So in August of 2011 I had a second lollipop breast lift on both breast in the doctors office but they both relaxed again. One is up higher than the other now and one nipple is higher. I think I need an anchor lift instead of lollipop? What do u all think? I've already had two lollipop lifts last year and still saggy!

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Breast lift choices

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Sorry to hear that  you are not happy with your breast lift result and that two surgeries in one year did not give you the desired result.

There are many breast lift techniques which shows you that not one type of procedure solves all the problems. Level of your nipple,weight of breasts, size and  placement of the implants, shape of your skin and breast tissues, expected scars of procedure  and last but not least  what you ultimately expect from the operation should guide you and your surgeon what is the best approach for you.

A frank discussion with your surgeon why his approach did not work  out seems to be a first reasonable step. Than ask him for a second opinion ( or obtain one regardless of his explanation). An experienced and Board certified Plastic Surgeon can examine you and explain to you the different ways and mainly the best way  to solve your problem.

There are several good Plastic Surgeon inyour area.

Good luck

Breat Lift Choices - What is best for You?

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Ultimately it is not possible to fully answer your question without examining you. There are many technical details that go into breast lift surgery, and even though the name is the same, not all breast lifts are done the same way by different surgeons. It is not clear what you mean by saggy, but so called "lollipop lifts" (also know as vertical mastopexy) have a tendency to appear bottomed out due to the long vertical limb incision. So although there is less of a scar, it is not always the best lift for every breast and given that you are still sagging after two lifts it may not be the best choice for you.


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  • If your breasts continue to bottom out following a vertical (lollipop) lift , converting it to a full lift  involving an anchor scar may be the best solution.  At the same time, the positions of the nipples could be adjusted  if they are asymmetric.

Breast Lifting Revision? A

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Thank you for the question.

Direct  examination or photographs will be necessary to give you any type of advice.  This is best done in person;  it sounds like it won't hurt to seek second opinions by well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.

Best wishes. 

Second Opinion Helpful for Revision Cases

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Without an exam much less photos it is nearly impossible to give you a valuable opinion. You may want to get a second opinion from an experienced board certified plastic surgeon in breast revision surgery.

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