Could a Breast Lift Cause a Hernia?

I am 9 days post op from Breast Lift, revision, and lipo of flanks and upper thighs. I have had a burning sensation inside, about 2 inches below my left breast. I feels like what I imagine a hernia to feel like but I'm not sure that's even possible? I feel it mainly when I engage that area, such a twisting and it feels worse after I went on my folirst walk today (just a 1 miler).

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Could a Breast Lift Cause a Hernia

This cannot cause a hernia. Reviewing the symptoms with your surgeon is the best way to get reassurance. All the best. 

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Hernia Caused by Breast Lift?

No, it is not possible for a breast lift to cause a hernia. What you are most likely feeling is swelling, internal bruising, and inflamation associated with the breast lift. Gravitational descent causes the breast to go towards the abdomen.

Scott Loessin, MD
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Breast pain after breast lift surgery is not uncommon

Give your surgeon the opportunity to see and diagnose the problem - more than likely this a typical ache/pain that is a result of the surgery, and does not represent a hernia or other unrelated problem

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Pain after breast lift and liposuction surgery

Rather than guess what your problem is and self-diagnose, you should go back to your plastic surgeon and explain the symptoms to them, and allow them to examine you.

The problem could be as simple as postoperative discomfort to something more serious.

Also talk to your surgeon about what the exercise limitations after surgery should be.

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