Breast Lift Before and After Photos

I'm considering breast lift surgery, and I've been looking at before and after photos. A lot of them include breast augmentation as well as lift, and I'm not sure if I want implants or just the lift. Should my doctor be able to show me photos of just a breast lift? And what else should I be looking for in the pictures? Scar placement? Or breasts that seem similar to mine?

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Breast lift photos and implants

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Number one question: Do you want to be larger. If the answer is yes, then get implants. If the answer is no, do not. Breast lift options and the scars may vary depending on the goals of the patient, scar tolerance, degree of sagging of the nipple and/or the gland. Discuss this with your surgeon and look for photos that show patients with a similar body type and breast shape.

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Reviewing Breast Lift Photos

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Hi there-

A breast lift with an implant is a dramatically different operation than a breast lift without an implant, and I would definitely want to know my surgeon's skill level in this technique prior to proceeding.

My personal opinion is that achieving reliably lovely results from a breast lift is much more difficult than with most of the other procedures plastic surgeons perform- and all of the funny looking breasts you can see on the internet have proven this to be true. I am amazed that these represent the surgeon's "best work" (otherwise you would think they would never have posted them).

I have come to the conclusion that most plastic surgeons can complete a breast lift...but the number who can reliably achieve a youthful and attractive, round shape, is much smaller.

Look at lots of photos and remember that it is the SHAPE of the breast that is paramount- NOT where the scars will be or how small.

In other words, if you have a small, cute scar, but your breasts look funny in shape, you won't be happy.

This is not to say that you need to accept ugly scars in order to have a pleasing breast shape (an experienced surgeon should be able to offer you both an inconspicuous scar and a lovely shape), just that choosing a surgeon or technique based on the scar is one of the bigger mistakes I see patients make.

For more help finding a plastic surgeon you like and feel you can trust, please read this:

Breast lifts, scars, and photos

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Whenever looking at photos for breast lifting or breast augmentation, or both, you should always concentrate on those that are as close to your pre-operative appearance as possible.

If you need a lift, you need a lift and just getting implants alone is the worst thing you can do. The lift can often be a limited incision procedure like a periareolar lift or vertical lift. If you have a lot of sag with extensive excess skin, your surgeon will likely want to do the lift first (likely a traditional, anchor shape scar), and maybe place the implants in a few months.

Regarding getting an implant, there is a reason an implant is often suggested beyond just for making your breasts bigger. An implant will help restore some of the youthful firmness, or perkiness, that the breast has lost. In other words, when we do just a lift, the breasts often still have a soft, loose feel, even though their shape may be much improved. The implant doesn't need to be big, but it will make a difference in this regard. Also, when doing a periareolar lift (concentric, or donut lift), an implant helps prevents some of the flattening of the breast that can otherwise occur.

Pre and Post-Op Photos Very Helpful

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It’s important to review pre- and post-operative pictures when selecting a plastic surgeon.These pictures can illustrate the quality of the surgeon’s work and the surgeon’s sense of aesthetics.

Harmony, balance, and proportion are aesthetic goals of every plastic surgeon.In addition, implant placement, symmetry, sag, shape, and contour are important considerations as well.When looking at pre- and post-operative pictures, it’s important to look at all of these variables to determine the quality of the surgeons work.

It’s important to remember that the surgeon doesn’t control all the variables when breast augmentation and breast lift are performed.When evaluating surgical results with pre- and post-operative pictures, be aware that a large number of the decisions that affect the final result are made by the patient.In some cases, patients desire an artificial look while in others, they may want a natural look.Patients also have significant input on decisions regarding breast implant size.

Pre- and post-operative pictures are helpful tools in the selection of a plastic surgeon.It’s also important that your surgeon be board certified and has experience performing both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery.

Breast Lift Before and After Photos?

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Thank you for the question.

Yes, your plastic  surgeon should be able to show you examples of previous breast lifting patients. You should look for the overall improvement of the breast positioning, shape, symmetry, and scarring. Keep in mind you that early on especially scars may be more visible... You may or may not be able to find examples of breasts  similar to yours. 

Best wishes.

Breast lift before and after photos

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Your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon should be able to show you Before/After photos of Breast Lifts, with and without implants.  If you just want the nipple to be higher and are happy with your cup size, then a lift is possibly all you need.  If you want to be larger, or want upper pole fullness, an implant may be needed.  There are many variables that go into which surgery is appropriate for you, (and subsequently what scar you will have).

Find some photos that you like.  See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Together you will see what works best for you.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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After breast lift, breasts should look perky and full with minimal scars.

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1) You most definitely do not need breast implants to get a good breast lift, without changing size. Implants are good if you want to be bigger.
2) Your surgeon should certainly show you pictures of breast lifts without implants.
3) In New York City, we do most breast lifts with a lollipop scar. For a lift with implants, the scar is just a circle around the nipples.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift before and after photos

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Yes, your choice in surgeon should be able to demonstrate in photos breast lifts with and with out implants. Scars are permanent. Please review the issues before having the surgery.


Breast lift photos

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Breast lifts can certainly be performed without implants. Usually I perform a vertical lift that limits the scars. Of course if you want more volume, then implants are required.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift photos with and without implants

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Many plastic surgeons have before and after photos of breast lift patients with and without implants. These pictures can often be found on their website so you can get an idea of what can be achieved. It is helpful if you can find a picture of a patient with similar characteristics as your own. It is very important to see a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. He/ she can evaluate you and best determine whether placement of an implant is appropriate in addition to the type of lift you will need.

The amount of lift needed will determine the scar (periareolar or vertical limb) and the amount of skin laxity will determine the need for an implant. Make sure the pictures you see are actual patients the surgeon has operated on and are not someone elses work.

Keep in mind the most important thing to understand is what procedure is proper for your condition. Performing the wrong operation to avoid a certain scar or the use of an implant, will leave you frustrated and disappointed with the final result. Make sure you understand why your plastic surgeon recommends a particular procedure as well as the associated advantages and disadvantages.

As with any surgey, patients who have realistic expectations of what can be achieved end up being the happiest.

Good luck.

David A. Robinson, MD
Munster Plastic Surgeon
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