Do I Need a Breast Lift with my Augmentation? I have asymmetry, does it cost extra to fix that?

im 20. im currently 7 months pregnant. i plan on getting breast implants about 3/4 months after pregnancy. my breast are a little bigger than what they usually are (of course because im pregnant) but they are still the same shape as what they were pre pregnancy. i know the only way to know for sure is to wait until after i have my baby but i just wanted a GUESS of what i might need.

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Breast Implants while Pregnant

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You should not have breast implants while pregnant.  First, it is an unnecessary surgery and should only be performed on an elective basis under standard conditions.  Second, the surgery you need cannot be determined while you are pregnant since the breasts undergo considerable changes during pregnancy.  Based on your pictures, you have considerable asymmetry of your breasts.  In cases like this, you many need a lift or incision component in addition to implants to achieve the best results.  However, this can only be determined by examining you.  Good luck.

Wait 6 months

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It is advisable to wait about 6 months after you've given birth or stopped breastfeeding. Your breasts will probably have changed in shape by that time, giving you a better idea of what kind of improvement you'd like to achieve with surgery. Asymmetry is very common, and is in fact the norm for women. There may be a difference in size and or shape, and this can be quite severe. You can choose to have the smaller breast enlarged with an implant or the larger breast reduced to achieve more symmetry.

Breast asymmetry after pregnancy may require a lift on one breast and breast implants for both

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Thank you for your question. I do understand your concerns and there is nothing wrong with planning for the future.

Weight 6 months or longer after you have finished breast-feeding her baby before seeking consultation with a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Depending on how your breasts look at that time you may be able to simply have breast implants without a lift. However if your asymmetry is the same or larger than it is now you may need a lift on the side for the breast appears lower and implants placed on both sides.

PHOTO: analysis and treatement recommendations for breast augmentation

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In my opinion, you have widely separated breasts which makes it difficult to achieve cleavage. I would do breast lifts on both right more than left with dual plane dissection and radial relaxing incision, right sided slight reduction, vertical mastopexy, and implant submuscular placement using silicone gel filled implants.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Don't worry about breast augmentation while you are pregnant.

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First and foremost, concentrate on your pregnancy and your upcoming baby, not on the size/shape of your breasts. Any consultation at this point or before 6 months after birth would not be beneficial to you as your breasts will undergo dramatic changes.

Beyond that, questions about asymmetry and breast lifting are common. Asymmetry, if complex enough to require several maneuvers to correct will usually mean a costlier surgery. Remember that breast augmentation will magnify asymmetries in your breasts. The correction can be quite complicated (lowering the fold, accounting for volume differences, chest wall abnormalities, etc.). Whether a lift is needed or not depends on the size of the implants, placement, whether the fold is lowered or not, and the size/shape of your breasts after pregnancy. As you can see, augmentation is not simply placing implants, but requires the analysis of several factors regarding the shape and size of your breasts as well as your chest wall. This is why you will want to wait until after pregnancy and breast feeding before you have a consultation so that an appropriate surgical plan can be made.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift with a Breast Implant: Mastopexy Augmentation

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A breast lift will reshape your breast and reposition the nipple, whereas a breast implant will add volume to the breast. In combination, the breast is shaped around the implant. From your photos it appears that you have some constriction of your breast with a mild tuberous deformity. I would wait at least 6 to 10 months after your deliver and breast feed prior to any surgery but it looks like you will need both a breast lift and breast implant to correct things.

Andrew P. Trussler, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Re: Do I need a breast lift with my augmentation?

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As my fellow surgeons have said, wait several months after giving birth to your child before consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon. That said, based on your photo, because you have a narrow breast base width and relatively large nipple areola complexes’ the best approach would be an augmentation through a periareolar incision dual plane placement with release of the inferior breast - particularly in the infra medial area - and a periareolar mastopexy. This will a.) give you a wider more pleasing breast mount with proper placement of the nipple areola and b.) minimize scarring. You would also need to do a variable augmentation with approximately 25cc – 50cc more on the left side and this should not add to the cost of the procedure.

A Breast Lift with my Augmentation

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I'm sure the posted photo is NOT how you appear at 7 months pregnant! Wait 3 months after you stop breat feeding to see in person a boarded surgeon in your area. 

Implants vs lift

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All bets are off until several months after you have delivered your baby. The breasts change a lot after the pregnancy is complete.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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