I Had Breast Lift/augmentation 6 Weeks Ago. Vertical Incisions Open, How Long Will It Take to Heal? (photo)

6 weeks post op and my vertical incisions have opened up. My left breast has a spot the size of a nickel, and my right breast has a huge opening. My PS does not seen to be worried about this, but I am so upset. He started me on silver sulfer cream 2x a day covered with bandages in a bra 24/7. I have been using this cream for 3 weeks, how long does this take to heal? I am so upset by the looks of my breast and scared. Last week he removed dark part in middle of the wound on my right breast.

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Hello Caroline

As some other plastic surgeons have already mentioned and however uncommon, wound healing problems can occur with any plastic surgery procedure and with any surgeon. This wound now looks controlled and will start to gradually shrink in size and eventually close, but it may take 3-6 months. Being patient is your only option right now and your breasts will look much better once the wound contracts and closes. You will be amazed on what the body can do on its own. Surgical revisions can also be done to improve things. Good luck. 

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Open wounds after breast lift can take 6-8 weeks to close with proper therapy

Thank you for your question and photographs. New skin cells must growacross the open wound to cover it with new skin. Skin cells are very picky about the service upon which they will grow. The base of your wound should be clean, bright red, bleeding easily and not have white yellow or green debris. This can be accomplished with wet-to-dry dressings and debride months directly under the care of your plastic surgeon.

With proper wound management these wounds may take between 4-6 weeks to heal.

Open wounds after a breast lift

Open wounds are an unfortunate problem associated with a breast lift and has to do with some type of vascular compromise.  There are many reasons for this and it can be unpredictable.  These areas will heal.   The biggest problem is if the implant gets exposed necessitating removal of the implant.  Once the area has heal the scar can be revised.   

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I Had Breast Lift/augmentation 6 Weeks Ago. Vertical Incisions Open, How Long Will It Take to Heal?

This is one of the possible complications of a breast lift with or without implants. This will eventually heal with dressing changes. You may need a scar revision to make it look acceptable. The longer the wound heals the less chance of infection or implant exposure. Just be aware that these can become infected.

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Worrisome open wound after mastopexy in breast augmentation.

Not only do you have an open wound but there appears to have been some soft tissue loss. This probably will heal without surgery over time but the open one puts the breast implant at risk.

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Open area after breast lift/augmentation

This is not an unusual area to have skin breakdown following a breast lift +/- augmentation.  Small areas will usually heal up by themselves over time with careful, conservative wound care.  Larger areas or areas that don't heal up within a reasonable amount of time may require some sort of revision.  Sometimes the open area can be removed and re-sutured.  Sometimes a small skin graft may be the answer.  Six weeks is a fairly long time to have this large of a defect.  Also, I would be worried about exposure of the implants.  It might be time to consider something more aggressive than just conservative wound care.

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Open wounds after breat augmentation and lift

I am going to make the assumption that you were not a smoker before or after your surgery. If you are, you must stop. I agree that a second opinion may be helpful.

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How Long Will It Take to Heal?

The usual treatment for minor wound separation is local wound care. But after six weeks I would say that this is not working well.

Furthermore, although the photo is not too clear, it appears that there is some non-viable tissue in the base of the wound on the left side. Leaving these open indefinitely is not without risk of getting an infection involving the implants which would be a major setback. 

I would favor a trip to the operating room to debride the wounds and make an operative wound closure plan to get these healed as rapidly as possible, and then deal with the scars in six months or so. A second opinion might be in order. 

\Thanks for your question and photos. All the best. 

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