Breast Lift/augmentation Has Surgical Site Infection? (photo)

Hi all, Fifteen days ago I had a breast lift/augmentation and was thrilled with the results. Everything was perfect at my post-op. the day my stitches were removed, my husband bear-hugged me and squashed me so hard that I felt a sharp pain in my right breast, followed by immediate swelling and bruising. 6 days later, this breast now has a surgical site infection. My doctors prescribed me doxycycline 2x daily as of yesterday. They said i ahould be okay. Am I going to scar or lose my implant?

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See your surgeon

Although it is hard to judge from your photo alone this appears to require close monitoring. You may require more than medication to resolve this. Please see your surgeon. 

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Unfortunately, without a complete history and physical exam and through pre operative photography there is not enough information to make an informed plan, please consult your surgeon or another local board certified plastic surgeon

I am concerned that you will need your implant removed

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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Surgical Site Infection?

I see an area of areola loss presumably from ischemia--inadequate blood supply--not likely from a hug. I see a couple areas of what look like spitting deep sutures. What I don't see is the implant, which is good. 

Sounds like the treatment is appropriate, and hopefully you will follow up closely with your surgeon. Unless I am missing an exposed implant here, you probably will not lose your implant. The scar will probably remain red for longer than it will on the other side, but by the time it is fullly healed, both sides will probably look quite similar. If not it is usually and easy fix. 

Thanks and best wishes.

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Exposed Implant requires removal

It is difficult to see from your pics if the implant is exposed or not. If it is, then the implant needs to be taken out. Leaving it in will lead to infection that will be difficult to treat.  Regarding the cause, a strong bear hug will not cause wound dehiscence (opening up) and implant exposure if the tissues are normal, even after only 15 days. You probably had a degree of ischemia (poor blood flow) or necrosis (tissue death from poor blood flow) that lead to weak tissues and infection.  I bet there was something going on before the wound opened. You need to see your surgeon immediately because I find it hard to believe that if he/she saw your breast like this, he/she would think that twice a day antibiotics would be enough. Good luck.

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Surgery 15 days ago and a bear hug

The implant looks like it is exposed. I would advise you to see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Close monitoring is highly recommended


Thank you for the question and photo.  The photo you have posted shows some tissue necrosis which means that there is insufficient blood supply to some of the tissue.  When tissue does not have blood supply it serves as a source of an infection.  At this time you appear to have a little of both issues occurring.  Touch base with your plastic surgeon often as debridement and close management of the surgical site is ideal.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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Is the implant visible? Getting a big and strong bear hug from your husband at 15 days post surgery was to soon. You are not healed yet. You need to make sure you keep close eye with your Surgeon. There is a possibility if you don't close up that the implant might have to be removed. Till the infection clears up.


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Breast Lift/Augmentation Infection

Based on your photo, it appears that the implant is exposed. If this is the case, I highly recommend calling your plastic surgeon's office for a follow up today.

Thanks for your question and photo. Best of luck.

Gregory Park, MD
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