Breast Lift or Areola Reduction?

Hi, I am 25 weeks pregnant. Since surgery (June 2012) with 500cc silicone. I have developed stretch marks to extent of my implant not looking round.By my pictures does it look like I will need a lift after pregnancy?I would like an areola reduction but if a lift is requires would a donut lift be possible without changing implant as I like the size I just want to tighten up the skin and reposition the areola and nipple on my breasts or would that be possible with just an areola reduction

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Breast Lift or Areola Reduction?

Hard to answer without some photos. At any rate, today's answer will not necessarily be the same as the answer would be after the full course of the pregancy and nursing has concluded. Many women who have had significant enlargement of the breasts (and abdomen) find that after nursing is done, they return to close to their pre-pregancy appearance, while many others do not. 

If you wind up needing a small amount of lift (less than an inch), a lift which includes an areaolar reduction may be best, but if there is too much skin excess or too much ptosis (sag), more may be needed.

Best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy. 

Thanks and best wishes.

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Breast Lift or Areolar Reduction

       After you have stopped breast feeding (if that is your plan) and you have reached a stable weight, the breasts should be evaluatedCircumareolar lift and areolar reduction with maintenance of implants may be just what you will need. Good luck.

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At this point, there is no way to know exactly what will happen to your breasts with the pregnancy (with or without breast feeding). It is a waste of your time to see a PS or solicit opinions. Wait until a couple of months after your pregnancy or after you stop breast feeding until you get a consultation.

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Areola reduction

I am sorry I do not see photos to this question. Obviously anything that you may consider to do would have to wait until several months after pregnancy for things to settle down.

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Best Breast Surgery for Me?

Congratulations on your pregnancy; hopefully the remainder of your course will be smooth.

 Unfortunately, there are no pictures posted. Once you have delivered and have achieved a long-term stable weight, seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience helping patients in your situation. Communicate your goals carefully.

 Recommendations for the best procedure for you will depend on your physical examination and goalsd at that time (your physical exam will certainly differ from your present situation). 

Best wishes for a happy/healthy new arrival!

 Best wishes  for

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