Breast lift and fat transfer at the same time: Will the bra be too tight and kill the fat cells? Tight bra needed after a lift?

Is the bra worn after a breast lift tight, and is it important to wear a tight garment; does it affect the result, will the scars stretch without it or something? I have heard that after a fat transfer, it would be bad to wear anything tight on the area, and some doctors have said it would be good to even be without a bra alot if you have smaller breasts, to keep good blood flow so the fat cells will survive. What kind of garment is best when doing a lift and fat transfer at the same time?

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Post op garment

This is definitely something you want to ask your plastic surgeon since each of us tends to have a different answer. My patients are told, however, to simply wear a supportive bra post-op.

Best bra

Clearly opinions vary but I put my patient's in a good supportive though not constrictive bra to promote healing and good blood supply to the breast and fat grafts

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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