Breast Lift w/ Volume for "Fake" Look?

My breast are already big, I want to get a lift, but I also want them to have the "fake" affect. I want them to have volume, but I don't want them to look larger then what they already are. What do any of you recommend?

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Breast mastopexy/augmentation to achieve perkier look

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I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the best and safest possible options for your specific case. Provide photos to communicate your goals. Which type of procedures you will benefit from will depend on the severity and complexity of the case as well as what look you would like to achieve. Implants can provide the "fake" look you described with a lift to give you a perkier look. However, it is in your best interest to research a board certified surgeon that understands your goals. It may be safest to perform a lift first, allow the incisions to heal and then place implants in at a later stage to prevent tension and any wound healing issues. Discuss and address all concerns during your examination. Good luck and take care.

Fake "look" to Breast Lift

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You need to sit down with a board certified plastic surgeon in a face-to-face consultation.  I do not know your measurements but remember that a lift (some techniques) can augment the upper portion of your breast but your breast would be smaller.

Dr. ES

Want fake looking breasts

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If you don't want larger, implants not recommended.  The fake look is achieved by superior pole fullness and a high volume to surface ratio, exactly the opposite of your current situation, a high surface to volume ratio.  This is difficult to achieve for a sustained period of time (after post op swelling resolves and skin relaxes to accommodate the tighter envelope resulting from mastopexy).  If your skin elasticity is poor, the fake look is even more difficult or impossible to achieve without implants (which will of course make you larger).  A good mastopexy alone will improve your situation, but if the envelope of skin is tightened too much to increase your volume to surface ratio for a fake look, you are risking all sorts of complications and problems.

Like the woman with curly hair who wants it straight, or the woman with straight who wants it curly, your breasts are probably best tolerated without the fake look.  At best, you can have a good mastopexy and when desired, wear a great push up bra. 

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 50 reviews

Re: Breast lift with implants for a "fake" look

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Although you have a small amount of glandular ptosis, the overall shape, size and nipple position is quite good and I would be inclined not to recommend any surgery. If you are adamant about proceeding, then I would perform a subpectoral augmentation with a moderate plus silicone prosthesis roughly in the 300cc range while simultaneously performing a small vertical reduction. In essence this is transferring the breast volume to a superior position and removing the glandular ptosis. The nipple areolas will also be at a higher position and the breast itself will look a lot tighter. Also you will be able to maintain your relative breast and bra size. This will certainly give you more cleavage but hopefully you do not want to appear too fake.

Breast augmentation with implants for the "fake" look

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With your breast appearance the best results will be achieved with a bra. IF you are seeking surgery, the fake look (not recommended) would best be achieved with a vertical mastopexy, reduction and subglandular placement of a large high profile implant. Again, I would urge you to reconsider. In addition to a higher rate of unfavorable outcomes with combined surgical procedures, you are setting yourself up for numerous subsequent surgeries in the future for management of long term ptosis

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast fake look

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The 'fake" look usually requires implants, but upper pole fullness will drop a bit even after implants are placed.  Bras push the breasts up to give the "fake" look. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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You can't have it all...

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In order to have a fake look with excess upper pole fullness, you need a HP implant and this will make you bigger regardless of the lift.  The only way to minimize this is to reduce your breasts at the same time.  Be sure you really know what you want because sometimes you really can't have it.

Breast augmentation fake or not, know what you want

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It is difficult for any surgeon to know just what an individual is looking for in terms of breast size and shape. Even your best friend will not know you well enough to tell you what your breast should look like. If you really want a 'fake' look be prepared to bring along an example during your consultation so that your surgeon has a clear idea of what you are looking for. That way you too will get a better idea during your visit if this is a realistic goal.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift w/ Volume for "Fake" Look

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Thanks for the posted photo. I agree with ALL the previous expert posters, that your breasts are attractive and of a nice size. But from the sound of your posting I believe you will get surgery no matter what! To the end, with you understanding that there is an unrealistic component to your request, I would FIRST do ONLY a implant to slightly increase your size and give a slight lifting. DO NOT put scars on your breasts PLEASE!. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

Breast Lift for Fake Look

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Based on your pictures, a breast lift alone will give you a nice result.  Adding an implant is sometimes recommended with breast lift, if there is an absence of volume.  However, you have plenty of volume, so I would not recommend implants.  If, after your lift, you decide that you do want implants, you can have this done as a secondary procedure.  Good luck.

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