Tender Red Spot a Stitch Abscess After Breast Augmentation?

had breast lift & saline implant replacement 10 days ago. Left breast more tender, has a red spot where one stitch sticks out. No fever, no redness otherwise. Does this look like a stitch abscess? is it normal for one breast to be more sore? Would this be related to an infected implant?

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Incision management after breast augmentation with breast implants.

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From your photo it appears that you have had a breast lift with a breast implant or mastopexy augmentation, and from your description you are exactly right. It appears to be a stitch abcess, which is a foreign body reaction to the actual stitch, which can occur with both permanent and absorbable sutures. You should see your surgeon for treatment and removal of the stitch. The soreness may be from the surgery or from the inflamation from the suture abcess. I hope this helps.


Dr. Trussler

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Tender Red Spot a Stitch Abscess After Breast Augmentation?

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These types of superficial wound healing problems related to stitch problems that you are experiencing is not uncommonly seen after this type of surgery. These areas usually go on to heal without long-term sequela. Follow up with your plastic surgeon for accurate assessment and advice. Sometimes removal of an exposed suture will expedite healing.
Best wishes.

Open wound after breast lift with implants: infected or not?

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From the appearance of the photograph, this looks consistent with a stitch abscess and does not appear to be a sign of an implant infection. It is very normal for one side to be more sore than the other and I would not be overly concerned with this but I would discuss all your findings with your surgeon so that he/she can perform a thorough examination.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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"red spot where one stitch sticks out" after a breast Lift with Saline Breast Implant Replacement

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Once a stitch is exposed, it really should be removed to prevent a local infection. Once exposed it becomes a foreign body to which germs are attached and hard for the body's immune system to get rid of them. Since MOST skin closures are done in layers as well as in both single interrupted and running fashion, removing a stitch should not cause a wound disruption. (It will NOT hurt).

You appear to have a very nice early result and I would NOT be worried that the implant is infected based on what you shared with us. I would have your Plastic surgeon see you weekly until this wound has healed.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Stitch abcess

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From your photo and your description, yes, you have a stitch abecess.  The stitch poking out  is good evidence.

You should contact your ps ASAP to prevent the stitch abcess from getting to be a deeper infection that affects the implant pocket.

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