One Breast Larger Than the Other 2 Years Post Op?

I had my augmentation 2 years ago. Now my right breast is all of a sudden much bigger than the left one. I had a capsulectomy about 6 months ago to fix cc in my left breast. I still have some cc because it is a little harder. My right breast has always been very soft and natural, but in the last month it became more than 1 cup size bigger. I am wondering what can have caused this enlargement and if it will go back to normal, and how can I make the cc go away without surgery?

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How To Treat Capsular Contracture Without Surgery

With reference to your enlarging right breast, there are several possible causes including a seroma, unexplainable natural growth spurt, etc.  This requires a face to face physical exam and possibly even a MRI.  Here is where you need to either go back to your original plastic surgeon or seek out another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon very experienced in breast augmentation and potential complications. 

With reference to dealing with capsular contractures non-surgically, the only two modalities I am aware of are : (1) anti asthma pills (the one I use and the one I wrote the definitive paper on is Accolate/Zypherlucast); (2) physical therapy type ultrasound has a reasonable track record for decreasing capsular contractures. 

Accolate modulates your immune system (does not suppress it) by inhibiting the sites on the white blood cells which cause tight capsules around breast implants and other foreign bodies inside your body.  In short, it very well treats capsular contracture.  

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