One Breast Implant Larger and Dropped Below Crease Line

I had breast lift and breast implants three weeks ago and the right breast is bigger and a lot more bruised than left and lower than crease line. My doctor says the right will catch up to the left but thats not the only problem, the other problem is how the implant dropped below the crease line where incision is and i can feel implant. Is this normal and will it fix itself or will i need revision surgery to correct assymetry and maybe double bubble

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You need to have an honest and frank discussion with your PS.  You may be premature in your panic, or you may in fact be in for a revision.  Don' panic.  If a revision is needed, you will need to wait until things settle. 

Hang in there, occasionally, things aren't always perfect, that's why there are revisions.

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One Breast Implant Larger and Dropped Below Crease Line

You may wnat to try supporting the crease with an underwire. Swelling is common in the first 3 weeks. Follow your surgeons advice for now and reassess at 6 months.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Implant below the fold

If an implant is migrating below the fold, then you may see a double bubble and more than likely you will need a revision.

Steven Wallach, MD
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