One Breast Larger After Lift/aug, Nipples Not Even, Inframammary Fold Lower on Rt Side - Revision Thoughts? (photo)

replaced both saline 3/1/12 due to a rupture of the rt. implant. had a lift/redu done to my rt. breast as there was a size symmetry issue that i wanted fixed. we chose saline 400cc HP implants o/f to 440. i've been very patient and in comm. w/ my surgeon. i have found my rt.breast to be fuller and my fold to be lower than my lt.breast. my lt.breast looks like it needs a bigger implant to match? surgeon will revise but wants to add 35cc more to lt.implant not a new one. how do u fix infra fold?

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Breast Asymmetry After Augmentation and Lift


I am sorry that you are experiencing difficulties after your revision surgery.  The photo you posted makes it look like the difference in size is significant, more than 35 cc, so I am not sure that adding 35 cc will help.  Furthermore your implants are already above the recommended fill of 430cc, adding more saline will further distort the shape and increase the firmness of the implants.

I would recommend you see a few other surgeons for a second opinion.

Best of luck.

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Your concerns are reasonable, you need to give your body time to heal and wait for the swelling to go down that process take 6 to 8 months. In regards to fixing the Infra fold it does have to be done surgically. Adding more volume to the left breast is definitely possible just make sure your warranty for your implants will not be affected.


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One Breast Larger After Lift/aug, Nipples Not Even, Inframammary Fold Lower on Rt Side - Revision Thoughts?

The post op photo does demonstrate ll these issues. But over the internet very hard to accurately advise. Best to be seen in person by a few boarded PSs in your area. 

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