2 weeks PO, breast stiff, is this normal?

I am only 16 days post op after having a BA saline filled HP right 450cc & left 425cc. Under muscle pero Areola incisions. I understand that having patience however.The very next day after surgery my left breast start to drop and today it feels completely soft and settled. However my right breast is very stiff and this morning I notice a huge difference in size. Is this normal, how long should I wait until I start to consider revision. And do you think from the photos if I needed a lift as well?

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Your breast augmentation result looks excellent for 16 days after surgery

Thank you for your question and photographs. Considering the degree of ptosis you had before surgery I personally think your results look excellent at this point. This early after breast augmentation it is perfectly normal for the implants to feel firm and they will soften and become more normal looking with time. Be sure to express your concerns to your plastic surgeon.

2 weeks PO and breast stiff

Hello and thank you for your question.

2 weeks is still the very early stages of healing as you said. That being said, if you have questions about the way your breasts feel or appear, it is really best to address your plastic surgeon. Without an examination it would be unsafe to tell you that everything is fine even if it if is.

Best of luck to you

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Implant size difference

Do not worry - you are so soon post-op. Things will change and likely be more symmetric in time. Best of luck.

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