What is the Best Way to Get Breast Implants In?

i know there are different ways to get a breast augmentation and i was wondering what way gives the best results and is the safest.

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The best way to place breast implants

There are many options for breast implants - the type, inciison location, pocket placement, and technique for inserting them.  There a pros and cons to each and these decisions should be made only after a proper consultation and evaluation with your board certified plastic surgeon.  In my practice, I find that the inframammary (breast crease) incision offers the shortest and least traumatic incision.  This incision has significantly decreased risk of infection and capsular contracture rate when compared to a peri-arolar (around the nipple) incision. I also use a special device called a keller breast funnel to place the implant - this allows for the shortest incision, less trauma to the implant, and a "no touch technique".  I have attached a video explaining this more,

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The ONE BEST WAY to put breast implants in: VIDEO

IF there were ONE BEST WAY, everyone would use that method, There is no one best way. Indications for incisions vary from one individual to another depending on the unique circumstances surrounding each individual. IT also reminds me of the line from Cityslickers video below.

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Best Breast Implant Results

The best breast implant results come from a board certified plastic surgeon who is focused on understanding what you want to change about yourself and your desired results, and then customizes the procedure to totally suit your needs.

Breast implants can be placed over the muscle or under the muscle. "Below the muscle" is actually a partial insertion of the top part of the implant under the pectoralis major muscle. 99% of the time I recommend this because it gives the most natural look and the best long term result. The only downside is that your recovery may be a couple of days longer since the procedure is more involved to get the implant placed under the muscle.

However, keep in mind that I also recommend pain pumps for all of my breast augmentation patients. Therefore, with a pain pump, the placement of the implant under the muscle is more easily tolerated in the immediate post op recovery period. It is very rare that I ever recommend placement of implants over the muscle. If your surgeon suggests ‘over the muscle’ be sure that he has a very good reason for that choice, as inevitably the result does not hold up well over time. Knowing the location of your implants is important to understanding exactly what the plastic surgeon has planned.

See me discuss implant placement and other decisions you need to make for your breast augmentation surgery including the types of implants, location of the incision, high profile vs. moderate, smooth vs. textured, with or without a lift, etc.

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What is the Best Way to Get Breast Implants In?

The best way is the one that satisfies the patient's individual needs. In the consult all options should be outlined so the patient and doctor can decide the best options. From MIAMI DR. Darryl j. Blinski

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Best way to put implants in is gently

Breast implants arevery durable and flexible but some surgeons seem to have higher rates of implant rupture than others, which suggests they are doing something different that danages the implant. Regardless of where the incision is, it needs to be long enough. My personal preference is to use the Keller funnel.

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There are many roads to Rome!

Many roads lead to Rome! There is no "best way" to insert breast implants. Each incision has its advantages and disadvantages. Speak to an experienced breast augmentation for a thorough discussion of these issues and make up your own mind as to what seems best to you.

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Breast implant surgery

There is no one best way to place implants. That is why there are several choices of incision location and pocket placement.

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