Euro Breast Implants For 8 Years and Starting to Feel Pain in Both Breasts?

hi ive had euro implants for 8 years every thing is fine with them till now.. ive started to feel pain in both breasts a bit like muscle pain going from the breast under my arm pits. my left breast is tender to the touch. there is no obvious signs of crinkling or leakage they havnt shrunk could i have pulled the muscle some how or is more sinister. ive tried to get an appointment at my clinic but they are being a bit stubborn and wont see me as my surgeon isnt there any more. any help would be great.

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Pain in Both Breasts

If your surgeon's practice won't see you, start with your primary physician, who may be more helpful in diagnosis breast pain than your surgeon would be anyway. That doc can order any imaging if appropriate--mammogram or MRI. Your doc will probably be more effective than you in getting an appointment with a plastic surgeon if that is deemed useful.

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